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Littlespace Damaged...


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Deleted because this post is no longer relevant; some horrible, horrible things have come to light and I was blaming the wrong person the entire time. 

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I am sorry you went through that experience with that particular guy, you seem like a total sweetie and it's a damn shame. But, I am very glad to read you are out of that relationship since it wasn't working out. When I lost my littlespace for a few weeks, completely unrelated to my Caregiver, it was because of mad drama with friends and sometimes family members who had been mean to me. But within a few weeks of processing the situation, venting, letting all those emotions out about the trauma, eventually going back to your own routine. What I did was I acknowledged the factor that I was having issues (which you have already done) and had myself remember this is only temporary and it will come back and that I hold the key to getting it back, did little activities such as (bubble baths ugh lush bath bombs are the best, slept with more stuffies, watched different cartoons (Sofia the First and powerpuff girls really got me through that tough time, my little age may be different from yours though; i'm 4-5 years old.), coloured a bit, take deep breathes when i'm starting to get overwhelmed or take some time to myself and listen to music that makes me feel happy, played games that I enjoy out of littlespace) stuff like that. Eventually it just came back into my daily life and that time away from littlespace almost made me cry when I came back into it. 

But as for the littlespace issue, it could just be the factor that you haven't had the time really get into littlespace without feeling it wasn't an appropriate time because of your caregiver. WHICH IS SO SHITTY. Some fights with my caregiver has impaired me for weeks regarding my littlespace, but it will get better, and that's what you need to remember. You're too worried about your littlespace which is kinda a double edged sword. Your littlespace will come naturally, there are no easy shortcuts to littlespace, unfortunately. Littlespace is definitely something to be treasured, and I wish I could be more helpful but my only words of advice, as I have been through something similar but much less serious; your little space will come back naturally once you have your head together after the situation, your little side has been through some trauma and you need to give it time to sort through everything. Sometimes we think we're over it but not always completely. That's great that you have someone volunteering to help out with your situation, but some things in your head need to be worked through before pressing about the littlespace stuff. I understand how hard it is to lose your littlespace, I cried myself to sleep next to my caregiver for 3 nights straight till I started that routine.


Everything will be alright, never try to force your littlespace hun, it will always come naturally to you. It is A PART of you and it will NEVER go anywhere. I hope this is of help to you, I kinda forgot how I managed to mend myself after losing my little side because I have short term memory loss.  :unsure:

If you need ANYTHING, hun.  Please never hesitate to add me and/or message me. I hope things get better very soon for you.   ^_^

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Thank you so much for your response, it means so much to me right now!


It's been a couple months since the fight that started the damage, but I really hope I can go back to what I consider my normal soon enough now that the relationship was officially terminated today. Littlespace is a really big part of me and the lack of it lately because of such negative associations has certainly taken a toll. It's the only part of my previous relationship that still affects me and it kinda sucks, but I'm relieved to know that it's not really abnormal for things like this to happen from time to time, and more relieved to know it's probably temporary


It sucks that I went through what I did but thank god it's over for good, and I can start living again without the wrong kind of leash

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You're always welcome! I love to hear that I actually helped someone hehe. ^_^ 

Yes my dear, it is completely normal and not only normal but also temporary. It hasn't even happened to me one time, i'm sensitive aswell so I go through that a lot, unfortunately. You cared about the guy, no fault in taking a few months to get back into how you used to be. Especially in a relationship like that where you gave a generous part of you up to the wrong person. You are strong enough to plow through this! It may take a little bit but your littlespace will come back stronger than ever.  :heart: Best of luck hun. 


My littlespace is HUGE to me too because of my age as it is quite the age regression. Just take it slow and let your brain process things, you deserve the aftercare and treating yourself hella well. Get yourself a new stuffie or something to celebrate a new beginning, SOMETHING. You deserve it!  :heart:  ^_^

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