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♥ Are you a bunny? So am I ♥


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I AM A BUNNY GIRL. Bunny girls / boys are amazing creatures. If you are a bunny or you know or have one, then you will be happy to know of these cute things that bunnys do!  


This is taken from https://fetlife.com/groups/69162/group_posts/3485534


Bunny things you do you didn't know about [urban Dictonary]

by LiliLace over 2 years ago

Journal Entry | 27 minutes ago

A soft and gentle girl that wants to curl up in your lap and be loved. Typically bunnies are small in size, always very beautiful and smell nice. Bunnies are very loyal and devoted creatures to their mates. Always in need of affection but are always willing to give in return. They feel emotions on a level more than most of us will ever know and they love like no other.

If you are lucky enough to ever have a bunny in your life never let them go because you will probably never find another like them.

Bunny sitings are rare and should be treasured.
She smells like a bunny.

Look at how she curls up in his lap like a bunny.

My girlfriend Julie is a special bunny.

bunny ball
The act of innocently curling up in such a fashion that your upper legs touch your chest/boobs and you wrap your arms around your shins. once in a bunny ball, a person often appears cuter than they actually are. often used by young children as a technique for falling asleep.

My dog looks so cute when it curls in to a bunny ball
bunny run
(colloquial, United States)

A “bunny run” is a short errand, usually taken on foot, with the purpose of accomplishing a single task at a specific place and then returning immediately to the point of origin.


Derived from the behavior of a rabbit in venturing out of its burrow for a purpose and then returning to shelter quickly.

The term implies speed of action, and can also be used to describe a short race.
Some examples of bunny runs include:

1. Taking a short trip to the store to retrieve a specific item and returning home

2. Leaving work to get a cup of coffee and returning to your desk

3. Leaving your campsite to retrieve wood from a specific place and coming back

Example usage: “Ross made a bunny run to the Kwik-E-Mart to get us a slushie.”

bunny child
n: 1. something completely adoreable.
2. someone small and timid.

adj: resembling a bunny, especially in the facial structure.

v: constantly moving, especially when disturbed or frightened.
1. awww!! it’s such a bunny child!
2. you look exactly like a bunny child.
3. don’t worry, we won’t hurt you bunny child.
4. if you don’t sit down and stop bunny childing around, so help me i’ll whip you.

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If that's what a bunny is then I'm definitely a bunny!!


I don't pet play, but I've always had connections to rabbits. I'm affectionate, playful, and sometimes ridden with anxiety. I also have two pet bunnies of my own that I simply adore.

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I didn't even know this was a thing. I mean I saw somethnig about bunnyplay in the petplay forum here but I didn't know it could be a thing. I been feeling like a cabbit lately. It's a kittey bunneh. XS But I think I'm more catgirl than anything. XS 

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I'm a bunnypuppy thing, Daddy says. My fursona has bunny ears but a puppy tail.

I feel more connected to being a bunny when I'm a little, but when it comes to petplay I take on more roles of a puppy. If that makes sense. x3

I'm the exact same way! Bunny Pups ftw



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I am most definitely a bunny.

I've actually had weird spiritual connections with bunnies in the past year or so.

I like to believe it might be my spirit animal if ever such a thing weren't nonsense.

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All in the name. I asked daddy 12 years ago if I was an animal what would I be.  He said oh without a doubt a bunny, not a rabbit or a hare.  A bunny just like Thumper's girl after he get twitterpated. It just stuck.

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Girl bunnies are called does also! So it works! ^_^


I'm not sure I ever feel bunny-ish, but I do love bunnies! I have a pet bunny named Algernon and he is sooooo cute and fluffy :3

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