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Question for Daddy's!


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So me and my Daddy are in a LDR but we kik everyday and try to Skype every Sunday. But for the last little bit he's been disappearing for hours at a time, sometimes a day. I know he works and stuff but it makes me sad when he doesn't answer me for a long time, sometimes he'll answer maybe once or twice and then I don't hear from him till the next day. Does that happen? Like do you Daddy's get really busy sometimes and not text or anything? I just get worried cause I have anxiety and depression and I don't like being lonely. Please send your opinions or suggestions on stuff
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So, obvious disclaimer.. everyone's different.. 


But my opinion is, if I'm someone's Daddy, I'm going to be in contact with them on and off throughout the day, every day. That's just a basic mimimum requirement.


Sure, I get busy, but they'd know why - as you say, your Daddy has a time to be at work etc. I dont know both of your routines, situations etc, but to hear he's dissapearing for sometimes a day, without you knowing why? I can't think of a reason I would ever do that.


My biggest suggestion is to tell him how you feel, and what you need from him. Just be clear with him and discuss the situation fairly, because you both need to be happy and some good communication could help you get there :)

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I hate to say it, but I feel like suddenly not being in touch and no explanation or warning and the reasons is not a great sign.  But please, don't take it too hard, you have community here, use it, stay buoyant no matter what happens and you'll be okay.  If he comes back, let him know that is not okay for you, space is healthy and inevitable, but not just suddenly and no reasons given.   

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Guest Mr.Stuffykins

Regardless of the situation there is no justifiable reason to leave so abruptly. Especially given the fact that you have both aniexty & depression - your daddy should know this and he should know that his actions might make you upset.


Personally, no matter what I'm doing: work, school, etc I would never leave my little without saying where im going.. Perhaps I'm just clingy, but i wouldn't want to make her worry or feel as if she doesn't matter. A daddy NEEDS to show that his little is his priority. If he isn't doing that then you have to tell him.


If anything ever upsets you, bothers you or worries you then, as a little , you have to tell your daddy - and as a daddy he will reassure you and make things better. If a daddy truly loves his little then he do everything to make her smile.


Once he sees how much this has bothered you then he'll see this as a wake up call!^^


I know that when you tell him how you feel things will get better. You have to communicate whatever is on your mind with your daddy. Don't ever keep things hidden or suppressed because they'll just eat you up inside ~♡

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It is hard to say without knowing the whole situation. For those of us who have been around long enough life comes out you jobs, death ect. There is no way of always being able to tell what is going on or that something is amiss. 


That being said I am very adamate about my communication with a signifigant other. I would make sure to let you know what is happening and why I would not be able to answer you.


Let your daddy know how you feel you never know what is going on but still let him know. He may not be aware how this is affecting you and may not be intentionally trying to avoid you.


Let us know how everything goes I hope it all works out well for you and your daddy.

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I know I'm not a Daddy, but I am a Little with a busy Daddy (I also have anxiety)

As stated everyone and every relationship is different and communication is needed.

My Daddy is a wonderful man that just has a lot on his plate...sometimes he can't get to me and that's okay. He does his best to talk to me once a day even if it's a good morning or a goodnight. Some days he just gets really busy, but tries his hardest to message me to let me know he's still there. My Daddy is also an introvert, so there are days he just needs time alone. Although, he always makes sure to let me know it's not my fault, just that Daddy needs time to himself or is really busy.
But it wasn't always that way for us, it took me talking to him about it to get there. Letting him know I understand he's busy and an introvert, but it's hard not to take it personal. He didn't realise that it was something upsetting me or that it triggers my anxiety because I didn't say anything to him. So he made changes to better things for me.
For a month and half I hardly spoke to him but he did his best to be there. That's all I can ask of him is to do his best. Just as all he asks of me is to take care of myself and do my best; even more so when he's not around.
Because of that I learnt my Daddy isn't a mind-reader he needs to know what's bothering me so we can work towards fixing it. I learnt that he gets really proud of me for doing things on my own. And I also learnt that even when he's not there every moment, he still cares a great deal about me.

You should really talk to your Daddy about it and let them know how it makes you feel. I'm really sorry it's happening, I hope you're both able to work something out.
Best of luck, Daddy'sLittleGirl

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