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Do you have a list of questions for future daddies/ what you want in a daddy?

Guest Sillylittlemouse

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Guest Sillylittlemouse

I have a list of questions for potential daddies and a list of what i look for as well!


Does anyone else? If so feel free to share!





These are my questions




How tall are you






What age little do you prefer


Do you want long distance or something in person


How many littles have you had


Were they online or in person


Do you like chubby littles


Do you want a poly or mono relationship


How strict are you from 1-10


How sexual are you 1-10


List of punishments


List of rewards


List of rules if you have any


If your little is not very sexual how would you react


If your little has an illness such as depression and they have bad days how would you react


Is this going to be a short or long term thing


How important are looks to you


Are you okay if your little is part of lgbtq


How would you react if your little is mad at you for some reason


Do you have a safe word


If your little uses the safe word what would you do


Do you have other kinks aside from ddlg


What are your hard limits


If your little loses a paci, sippy, stuffie ect.. what would you do


How would you make your little feel beautiful if she is self consious


If you were to add in a brother or sister how would you be sure both feel equally loved


If an ex little wanted to get back together how would you explain that to your little




These are things i look for/want in a daddy



Checks on me to see if i am ok


Is a friend but also a daddy


Can have a good conversation


Is encouraging


Emotionally mature




Has decent communication skills


Is patiant


Not to controlling


Allows himself to be vulnerable


Makes me laugh/ is funny


Is understanding


Is nurturing


Is kind/caring


is affetionate


Is playful


Is trusting


Is loyal


Is respectful


is ok my little space is non sexual

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Do you give that list to them, or keep it just for yourself as a guide towards finding your "perfect" partner?

i do have a few absolute non negotiables when looking for someone, such as they have to be older, taller, monogamous, non smoking and pretty local. i made those things clear on my profile when i was single, and did check a couple of those things that weren't easily apparent when someone approached me. But i would never write a list like that, and i certainly wouldn't present anyone with one. i was looking for a full time, full and proper relationship, not advertising for a job position. i am old fashioned i guess, lol. i get to know someone by talking to them in a natural flowing conversation.

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For me personally, I would not share any such list, this is out of respect for my future Daddy.  Yes I have what I would like a Daddy to be, but that is more for my needs. And anything regarding rules, permissions etc would be discussed at the suitable time. I suppose I am old fashioned in that way, I prefer to get to know someone through talking with them. If we hit it off then we can discuss such matters. 

I am not saying that such a list is wrong, there is no wrong or right way, I am saying it is not for me. 

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