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Too soon? Or not soon enough?


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How soon is too soon for u? In terms of, when speaking to a potential partner, how do u like for ur conversations to start off and progress? Do u like for it to be super friendly with 0 BDSM or sexual talk for a long time, do u like to dive in to that right away, or do u like a blend of both?


Personally i like a blend. I like someone who can hold a normal convo well right off the bat. It's not gonna take me days or a week, or a month + for me to ask what kind of Dom are u, ur expectations/ideals, and general things like that tho. I know a lot of ppl are 'lets be friends first then if i like u, then we can see if we match up bdsm wise' but that doesnt work for me. I wont consider u if we cant click like good friends pretty soon, but i also wont consider u if u dont match me bdsm wise either. Someone could be amazing, but for example if they weren't a Daddy and it took me a month to find that out i would feel like i wasted both of our time. Same thing if someone was hard into breathe play then told me 3 weeks later, and it's a mandatory kink for them. Time wasted lol. (I guess it's wise to point out it depends if this lifestyle is mandatory to u or an occasional kink)


Everything doesnt need to be aired out in 1 sitting, but i like to know key factors pretty soon as to not waste our time. I know not everyone is the same, so I'm curious to how do u all go about meeting partners? What do u do if their style of speaking (or quickness to do so on certain topics) differ from yours? I think it's where respect and open communicatiom comes in hand personally.


Sorry for any typos, AC have left the building for me haha.

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All depends really, I met two of my partners, one casual, one.... well, long story there, but we were together for 5 months, and I met both of them on kink oriented website, so we knew what the other was in to from the get go, and was a good ice breaker. All depends on you and how comfortable you are with talking about that stuff.


My current Little, whom I met on Tinder of all places, were very casual when we started talking. We both had  piercings, and that's what caused them to message me. We talked for a week, and finally decided to meet at a local bar (not the typical kind you may think of, more nightclub really), they were having a Goth night, and I had gone before, enjoyed it, usually went when I could. After we spent some time there, and found out that the club no linger hosted Goth Night, we went to a place called Ground Zero, which was sort of an alternative night club and has a kink night. From there, we went back to my place and yeah, we've been together for almost 8 months now.


So depends on how comfortable you are, I have no problem talking about sex or kink, nothing to be ashamed of, in my mind.

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Yeah i think comfort have a lot to do with it. I'm pretty open, tho i am aware not everyone is. A lot of things dont seem like 'serious' topics to me, while to others it is. I think how u both met sounds cool tho. Glad to hear it's going so well
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