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how to explain to non ddlg friends

princess sophia

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hi everyone i need some help i want to be a little most of my time as it is a real stress relive for me so my daddy says i need to explain to my friends so that they understand a little better they know little bits but how do i explain as i use sippy cups nappies and dummies



thanks all


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Well, do YOU want to tell them? It's up to YOU not your Daddy. Some people prefer to keep this part of their life to themselves, as some people are not accepting of it, be it friends or family. So make sure it's something YOU want, instead of being forced.


If you want to do so, there are several ways you can tell them....


here's a post on this forum that involves telling a partner, so it's a little different, but may have some solid advice you can take and use. - https://www.ddlgforum.com/topic/1530-how-did-you-introduce-ddlg-into-your-relationship/ 




If you think they are open-minded, and can be trusted to not go around telling others, I would suggest letting them know that being a Little is a way for you to relax, a way to escape the stressors of the world by being care-free, doing things that may seem child-like (such as coloring, watching cartoons, cuddling stuffies, and spending time with your partner (I WOULD HIGHLY SUGGEST NOT REFERRING TO YOUR PARTNER AS DADDY RIGHT AWAY, AS MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, VANILLA PEOPLE WILL HEAR THAT AND THINK THE WRONG THING). Once they get the idea of what a Little is, maybe then, if they seem accepting, inform them about the relationship side of things, like that a Daddy is someone who protects, cares, and loves you, not someone who has a incestual fetish or something.


But this is from my POV, I've chosen to not tell my friends or family simply because I have enough stress, and I don't need the people I THINK/THOUGHT cared about me to be judgmental, they may accept it, they may not, but I don't see a need for them to know.

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You can let your little self be "out" without having to explain the entire relationship dynamic or whatever. The things you like and how you act sometimes is just you as a person and that's all they need to know unless you (YOU!) specifically want to explain further.
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Afraid to tell you that he gave you some potentially very bad advice. Your "kink" is nobody else's business. And yes, sadly, most vanillas see it as nothing more than a kink or fetish. You might get a lot of negative feedback from people.
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thank you everybody


my daddy is as new to this as i am


i have told really close friends onl nd turns out they had same kink

but everone else sees it as just my personality and it stays at that


but again everyone for your help i only tell the people i want to know


plus it kinda hard to hide my cot from my best friend haha she slept over and stole it for the night

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