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Pet Play is a very broad term, and can encompass a large area, so to speak. Whether the "pet" be 100% pet, or 25%. It could involve simply wearing a pair of ears and a tail, or going all out and getting a full attire. My first partner, who was both in to DDlg and Pet Play would love to wear these fox ears and tail plug, and would purr/yip and ask for head pats. My current Little is much the same, she loves to act like a kitten (curl up on me, be petted, and have her chin scratched).


So long story short, yeah. There's no real hard and fast rule for what Pet Play is, other than, in some way, acting like a critter of some sort.

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If you'd prefer to be more human-like there's a category of petplay called human pet. A human pet will be treated like a pet, they might crawl instead of walking, not speak,  sleep on the floor and similar stuff but they don't dress as or behave like any type of animal.


Another super popular thing I've seen are kittens who act more like anime cat girls than real pet cats, but i don't think there's a name for it besides just a type of kittenplay. 

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Guest Alainnb

As already mentioned, there are people behaving like animals and human pets....but maybe you mean something like a hybrid? O; Because you said half human - half animal. So not really "imagining yourself as a whole animal" but rather like a mixture of both~?

If this is what you mean, I think it's also petplay since you're not behaving/ "being" fully human :)

Then again, it's up to every individual on how they interpret the definition of petplay ^-^

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Yep, a really broad term. i don't see myself as an actual cat, lol, but some of my submissive behaviour is very kitty like. i know i am fully human, but i am His little kitty-cat. Especially when He tells me to wear my tail and ears, and he puts the collar around my neck. My behaviour, in certain respects, can be very much called kitten-like. He strokes my head, calls me his good, obedient little pet, and allows me to really let that side of me free. It was Him that first put the idea in my head, and noticed my behaviour in that context.
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