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How does one do romance? There's this really cute and cool androgynous person in one of my classes, let's call them C, I really like them but I've barely had one conversation with them! I don't even know their pronouns *throws self dramatically on floor* and there's a school dance coming up, I really wanna ask them to go but then I have to stay in a class with them the whole year if they say no ugh help should I do a grand proposal or just ask C after class sometime?
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I can only speak for myself, but I love when someone else makes the first move. I'm a Leo, and having someone express their adoration for me is what pushes me to further interact with them.


My last 2 relationships occurred because they reached out in some way. But this is just me.

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if i'm being honest, a grand proposal from a stranger comes off as weird (?) if you still have time, perhaps you can man up and try to stir little conversations with them in the class, getting them to be your friend -- hoping that they'd understand what you're hinting? if you two click, then the chances of getting them to the dance increases, yeah?


...but that's just me. c: good luck in your endeavor!

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