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My poetry -possible trigger-

Guest missMilky

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Guest missMilky

Okay! So anyone can feel free to add some stuff you guys wrote. This is mine and I'll probably add more later. I haven't written in years and I'm so happy j began. This isn't a cry for help. I'm mentally doing great at the moment but some days are hard.


"So slow is the day when sleep is missing

Everything moving while standing completely still

Nothing and everything is happening st the same time


Worry that it's not enough

Worry that tragedy will happen and I won't know

Worry that life is just moving while I sit still sulking in the horror that is darkness


Darkness that follows me around

Darkness that never fades away enough no matter how bright the sun shines

Darkness that only brings in pain and negativity


Pain from inside that grows like a wild flower that convinces you of it's beauty as it tears everything else apart

Pain that lies to you

Pain that says you'll be strong if you give in

Give in

Give in to the pain

Give in to the darkness

Give in to the worry

Give in to the thoughts that you're so low you may as well have been dead years ago

Give in to self pity and self loathing

Give in

Let go

Let go of all the pain

Let go of the darkness

Let go of the worry

Let go of life

Let go "

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Guest missMilky

wow milky that's really good i enjoyed it alot

I haven't written in so long. I was feeling especially lonely last night. My goodness. Thank you so much! I may write another one soon and post. ❤️❤️

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Guest Prima-Donna

This really speaks to me as iv'e had a very hard time with depression and anxiety. This pretty much explains how I feel on those dark days. I like your stylistic choice of beginning and ending your stanza's with single words, like your trying to stress to the reader exactly what is being felt. Very good piece.

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Guest missMilky


The deep ocean of words that never left my lips

These lips that utter random unimportant beliefs

Yet as I try to yell for help I'm suddenly silenced

I'm silenced by the feeling of shame

A shame that I carry with me everywhere I go

Looking around and wanting to feel those eyes on me

Look away

Don't let them know you enjoy the stares and glances

Do not speak

Hear them say how beautiful you look until their fingers have touched every part of your body



This is what you learned

Having the hands on your body if only for one night is better than never being felt at all

He taught me

He taught me to be a good girl and never share this secret

He taught me that to be loved you have to be willing

He taught me that my body is all I am


I'm just a body "


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