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sexcations (sexy vacation) and other naughty things with your little/daddy


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Okay so bare with me here, I,am not entirely sure how graphic we are allowed to be on this site, I,intend to keep it PG-13 as much as possible here. So warning! Sexy things will be discussed.


Okay so I have been dating my Princess theprincessenigma for 10 years. We have had a vanilla relationship up until recently.


In the past few months we have started exploring bdsm, light bondage, DD/LG. She has been able to relax and enjoy sex more and even got the courage to finally get meds from her doctor for her anxiety.


Anyway the point of this post is for over a year we have talked about the desire to take our relationship to the next level...that is right I am talking about actually getting to finish without a condom and leave a creampie in my sexy bbw princesses hot princess parts. You see she had dealthy anxiety/fear of getting pregnant..even in the past when she was on birth control I still had to wear condoms. There have been occassions over the years where we have had bareback sex and it felt amazing she even said it felt better without one but then she would get panicky and id oblige by pulling out and grabbing a condom to finish. She says she can feel me spasm thru the condom inside of her and wants to actually feel it and has a desire to feel me finish inside of her...but her pregnant phobia takes over and we never actually do it.


Well after a year of talking about it. We got spermicide inserts to be safe. (We did a test run with them the other day. Had unprotected sex to see how compatible they are to make sure neither of us had a reaction) I didnt do anything then I pulled out. It was strictly for science testing. She didnt like the warming sensation it made as it dispersed the barrier but said it would work. And we got her back on birth control. Though waiting for her cycle to start (should be any day now) so she can start taking them the Dr. Said once she started her cycle she could start taking the pills and the chemicals in them would start working immediately. (I mentioned since she got on anxiety meds she is more comfortable allowing ourselves to finally experience it.)


Our vacation from work has been planned for awhile now to start this upcoming sunday. We already have a hotel picked out out of town. One of our favorite chains. I just need to see when I get paid again its still available for booking for next week. The romance package a suite with in room hot tub and champagne. And have an overnight sexcation. Hehe. Followed up by the next day going to the zoo if its a nice day and not storming or too hot or the natural science and history museum if its a bad hot or stormy day.


I have been wanting to take the condoms off and make love to her bareback and finish in her for many years now and only told her so in the past year because I didnt know how she would react. Surprisingly she said she wanted it too but didnt do it for fear of the whole might get pregnant thing.


I told her I plan to hopefully do it multiple times over the course of our over night stay...heh. the first time I want to do it vanilla and just be sensual and make love and hold hands and look into each others eyes...and the other times...we can be more kinky and creative with our positions heh.


But as the days draw closer to vacation. I find myself fantasizing more and more about getting to do it and all the naughty things I want to do with her. And I find myself getting more restless with anticipation and turned on and it about takes all my self control not to just jump on her and ravage her.


These next 7 or 8 days until I get her alone in that hotel room and hot tub with our sexy play toys and outfits packed...is just gonna drive me absolutely insane...I already feel like a hormonal 13 year old the more I keep thinking about it.


This anticipation of getting to experience something epic and special with my sexy Princess is going to freaking be the death of me!


Does any one else go on sexy vacations with their littles/daddys? Or have experience with getting to finish without condoms with their littles/daddys? Howd you deal with the build up of anticipation for the first time?


*if this is not the approprate forum for this, please direct this post somewhere where it is more approprate to be*

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Asking for advice. If anyone ever planned sexy vactions with their littles/daddys if so how have they turned out? And about the doing it without condoms thing..weve been together along time..getting her back on birth control...and we both want me to finish in her without a condom..we have never did it like that before and are nervous.and also im anxious with anticipation...I was wondering if anyone had ever done it like that before (in porn terms its called a "creampie")..or any advice they can give to ease my/our anxiousness about it.


Hope this clears things up. Thanks.

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i think its crazy you lasted 10 years 0.0 i mean great for her you seem to match up well. 


as for sexcation i think it will be great kinda a big step since shes never had a guy cum in her its kinda like losing her virginity. 

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so we are back from our trip. In addition to the aforementioned sexy thing I talked about. (The creampie for those not paying attention) we both really liked it obviously. Lol her more than she imagined she would...


I gave her this offically. We had talked about engagement. We even picked the ring out she liked...but I,waited til our vacation to offically propose.


she said Yes by the way.


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