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Baby Kitties!


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About two weeks ago now I posted in chat about one of our cats having kittens.

She finally brought them out today, so now they're inside with her and happy.

So I finally got a picture to show you guys!



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Congratulations! They look adorable. I hope the mum is a happy cat! (Also, you're now obliged to take more pictures so we can enjoy how cute the babies are :p )

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Of course I'll take more pictures!

And thanks everyone!

As of right now I know Dani (the mommy) and the kittens are definitely getting used to being inside in a small space, but so far having them inside went well today ^^

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There's no easy way to post videos, but here's one of each of them!











And we've determined the sex of the kittens, the black one is the only male, making the gray and calico ones female!


Awww they're so sweet!


I could watch baby kittens all day I swear. ; w ;

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It's been a while since I added photos! http://i1180.photobucket.com/albums/x413/lgbtqaforums/Tard%20Emotes/BIGO.gif

They are 6 weeks old now, and these were taken at 5 weeks old.


Dani (Mommy):



Little Boy:



Little Calico:



Little Grey One:


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