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Naming Stuffies?


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My boyfriend took me to build a bear today as celebration of him being able to go visit his family this weekend and I was able to get 2 stuffies!! But I'm having trouble naming them :c I was allowed to get a super cute eevee and squirtle and I'm super happy. But I feel like I should name them. All my other stuffies have names and I was super careful but quick to name them. These 2 new friends though I just can't decide.


So how do you name your stuffies???

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I'm so basic with mine, my giant stuffed panda is literally Pandakun, and all of my others are more for cuddle piles so they don't really have names. I'm terrible at remembering them and have to re-make them up all the time. (but that's half the fun)


But I like old names or ones that feel funny on your tongue when you say them. Beatrice, Opal, Muriel, Eustace, Theodore, etc. I look into their little glass eyes and think ''you're a lady, today, so I'll call you Anette.'' And then the next day ''Anette'' wants to be a boy, so his new name is Lancelot. I have a lot of practice with my kitties and puppers.

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Guest Charlie

Some of my stuffies are litteraly named based on what they are (Monsieur Nuage/Mr Cloud for my cloud plushie), sometimes it's a real name close to what they are (like Léon the lion cub), or a name based on a characteristic (like Opal the Dragon, who has shiny opalescent scales).

I also named some after TV show or movie characters I like :) (like Marcy/Marceline the bat, and Norbert (the name of Fantastic Beasts' Newt in the french version) for my teddy bear).

The rest are either characters that already have names or stuffies named after food.


I hope you'll find cute names for our new stuffies ^^

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I usually name my stuffies after their appearance, what the are, or a name that starts with the same letter as what it is. Like a have a cow covered in patches called Patches, I have a stuffie of character so I just call them that, and I have a fox called Finnigan or Finny for short. Sometimes the best name for things are those you think of in the moment. Also don't forget you can always rename them later if you don't like a name anymore.

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Guest ~Luna Rawrs~

I just usually stare st them till I think of a name, or leave them nameless till a name comes to me.


My tiny bears name is venven

My dinosuar stuffy is named Deno (deeno, like you are saying deedee)

My bulldogs name is Bully cx

My semi large stuffy is name Jōkyū hōyō which means senior cuddles in japanese


I have another stuffy, but i forgot where she is....

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I make sure my grown-up brain is out of the way; my little always seems to know exactly what to call them!

I have a teddy bear named Rawr Bear

and a kitty named Boom Boom.

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