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I'm 26 and new to this DD/LG thing.. is there someone I can talk to?

lil nut 19

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Hi Littles! 


So, I'm 26. I'm pretty sure my boyfriend (who is older than me) is into this. We've been together almost a year but he hasn't directly told me. We have an amazing amazing perfect relationship too... this is just very confusing for me because he won't be open about what he wants! 


I didn't have sex until I was 22 so I'm a lot less experienced that most other woman my age and all my friends are very vanilla. 


There have beeen sooooo many hints that this is what my boyfriend wants and I'm totally open. I honestly think it makes sense for my personality too. I'm just not sure how to jump in and I was hoping there was someone on here that was close to my age that has more experience that I can talk to! 

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