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Rewarding Your Little


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Hello! As a new Daddy, I'm learning as I go and from what words of wisdom I can glean from various places, as well as from "big" talks with my babygirl. A few weeks ago I laid down some rules which she has been following dutifully, as well as doing other things beyond that to make me proud. So, I decided to start a sticker chart for her behavior, with a series of rewards that can be bought for various sticker costs so she can save up for bigger and better things.


Now, my question is how generous with doling out stickers is too generous? She already earns two for every week she doesn't break any of the rules, plus little things that feel like she's done that have been extra sweet and kind to her daddy and to herself (like working out or doing yoga!). What things do you feel should be generally expected and what should get extra stickers? Calming me when I'm stressed, following direction when asked to do something a little different ...


I want to make sure she knows and feels appreciated and adored but at the same time I worry that if I reward every little thing that it will lose the "magic" of it.

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That's something you're just going to have  to work out with her. It is a personal thing. Some littles need more reassurance than others do. I don't have any kind of reward system, my Daddy just buys me little surprises here and there when he feels I've been good and deserve it. That works for us. A lot of this lifestyle is trial and error to find out what works for you and your partner. There is not one way of doing things which is why this works for so many different people! 

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It depends what your little's into. Typically I buy mine something like a hello kitty or my little pony colouring in book for good behaviour. If she's been really good I take her out for a whole day of little treats, so lunch out, to choose a new teddy bear or a new romper :-)

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