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Maybe a candy wig?


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So I want to be a lala loospy character for Halloween. It hasn't been decided which one I'll do yet.


Have any of you guys attempted to make a candy wig?

I heard you wrap plastic wrap around your head and then glue pull a part twizzlers on it. Any better ideas?

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Guest Alainnb

I'm not quite sure what you mean with a "candy wig"....a wig colored like candies? A wig with fake candies in it? A wig completely made out of candy? O.o


But I'm going to try my best to answer you, about wigs actually since you need a wig for two of the options XD


I'd suggest buying an actual wig used for cosplay if you need a real wig ^w^ You can style it however you want it to look like~ I actually took photos of a friend of mine in a pinkie pie cosplay and really, if you don't wanna style it yourself, you can buy one that already , mostly!) is. Don't forget to adjust it to your head size with the string inside tho :)


If you don't wanna go for the "real-life" look but rather for a real puppet.... carnival wigs look pretty unrealistic so that might be something in between.

However, the most "unnatural" but probably most fun way to do I can think of is to buy some cotton ( yarn? ) in your preferred colour, take a net and make your own wig while tying the cotton to the net...this would take pretty long and it's difficult and might look like...y'know, something a child had crafted ;)


If I were you, I'd buy a usual cosplay wig...there are cheap ones and the quality isn't THAT good but still better than the carnival quality and there are more expensive ones but they can look pretty real if you are good at styling~


I hope this was able to help!! > < <3

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Thank you very much for your advice!

I was talking about making a wig out of twizzlers.

Now, where do in find carnival wigs?


Or possibly make one out of yarn?

But what would I use as a base then?

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