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Things you do before you see your daddy


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So, I have mentioned before I am married to my Daddy but we live apart due his work and my visa paperwork... but even when we are living together I always kind of "prepare myself" before he comes back from work or whatever. I do things like cook for him and I dress up, perhaps do some beauty stuff ahead in the morning.


When apart though, I stalk his phone with "find my iPhone" instead of asking "are you here yet??!" every 5 mins lol

I try to have stuff in the fridge he likes and I go wait for him so we can get home together. I also double check my collar and any other stuff he might want to use is where it's supposed to be and lower the temp to what I know he likes.


What do you guys do? I once literally timed a lasagna to be ready when he walked in the door, I was putting it out of the oven, he liked that :3



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I don't have a Daddy but if I did it would pretty much be what you already do.  I would make sure I have something cute on and my hair is done in a way he likes. Have his favorite drink ready for him and make sure the house is tidied. When he gets there I would be ready to take off his shoes and socks, be ready to give a nice foot massage or back rub while he de-stresses. Oh and if he is a sweet tooth maybe surprise him with some special treat I baked or a picture I colored just for him, so he knows I was thinking about him all day.

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