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New daddy looking for advice


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So, I'm new to the ddlg lifestyle. My girlfriend is really into it, and introduced me. It started off with herncalling me daddy while we were being intimate, and later she asked me to call her my little princess. I'm really getting into the roleplay, but I'm new, so I'm looking for advice. I really ant to turn her on and make her feel special. I already get her things like unicorn stuffies (her FAVORITE), but I want to step my game up and be the best daddy I can be. Any tips or advice?
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Guest bunnybear11

hmm I guess the daddy role is more than just the name itself, it's actually being a caregiver for her, guiding her and helping her make choices, ddlg is a part of bdsm, because of the power exchange involved, but unlike the slave/master dynamic, this one is more nurturing, because it's as if you were really taking on the role of a parent in a way.


I guess the main mistake new daddies sometimes make is that they only wanna be daddies when it conveys for them (for example in the bedroom) but when it's time to spend some alone time w their littles they're out (like watching Disney movies or taking them to the zoo).


Also keep in mind that we tend to be a whole lot more sensitive in little space, because we put ourselves in a very vulnerable place, so always be considerate of your little's feelings and don't ever say mean things regarding our kink like "grow up" and stuff like that.


Another thing is do as much research as you can, watch youtube videos, read a lot, figure out what ur into, and what ur little girl's into, and most importantly have fun ^u^ the journey's just starting, ddlg really can make a relationship more special and brings us so much closer to out partners, it is really an amazing experience.

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