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    Posted 14 October 2017 - 04:37 PM

    So I saw a post like this from a few years ago, but I couldn't comment on it. I was wondering, are there any people on here in a long distance DD/lg dynamic? I just started dating my Daddy less than a month ago and I could use some advice on how to make things work. This is a first attempt at a DD/lg dynamic for both of us so even if something seems obvious please let me know.

    #2 Guest_pacibrat_*

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    Posted 14 October 2017 - 07:41 PM

    My Daddy and I have a long distance relationship.  We communicate mostly by text and pictures, sometimes videos.  He loves pictures of me dolled up and looking cute and little.  Neither of us are keen on phone conversations.  I know some people Skype, we don't.  My situation at home is unique and it doesn't allow for me to do things like that.  The best thing to remember is to find what works for you and him.  Every relationship is unique.


    My Daddy is bossy and he makes rules for me that I have to follow.  I always tell him if I break a rule. Sometimes I break rules on purpose because I'm a bratty girl. Honesty is key in long distance relationships.  Some things that work for us: If I want to sexually pleasure myself, I have to ask.  If Daddy says no, I don't do it (or I do and get in trouble).  Establish a reward system.  We use candy (often Hershey's kisses because I like them).  If you've been good, he can tell you that you can have some candy that day and how many.  You can also do this with stickers or little toys or whatever.  I always tell him good morning and night night.  Other than that, our schedule isn't rigid.  I don't have to tell him things like what I ate, etc.  Rules can be fluid for us, but I always know what's expected of me and what the current rules are.


    Punishment is hard because you can't spank yourself. :D  We use a wooden school ruler (12 inches, I think), clothespins (use your imagination, lol), Sharpies (for writing words like "bad girl" (cries) on my body under my clothes and I have to go about like that all day knowing it's there). With the ruler I strike my own thigh until Daddy is satisfied by texted pictures that it's enough.  There's also denial of self pleasure or other things little you likes like no candy, etc.


    A lot of texts are just things that little me wants to tell him or picture texts showing him something cute that I saw or bought.  It's nice to have someone to express little me to.  He likes to send pictures that he knows will make me giggle or go awwwww.  We also communicate as adults.  I feel it's important to know each other on both levels.

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    Posted 14 October 2017 - 09:01 PM

    These relationships are becoming more common place for two distinct reasons. You can know someone well before you take the risk of meeting. Secondly they fill a need for some people unable to breach the distance or find what it is they seek nearby.


    It doesn't matter what you do together so long as both are 'all-in' I have had about 20 of these relationships and even lived with 1 person after nearly 4 years of LDR. Of course remember, you likely will never know everything cause a person from distance can always keep some things invisible to you.


    Making it work is quite easy if the 'attraction is there' as Males are very visual creatures. Some females are, or more so than they admit to though generally they aim more toward the words... Both items have to be fulfilled to the utmost or I tend find LDRs wanting. 


    P.S. A warning, some people will never breach the seas no matter what they say and this goes back to the 90s when my Mom told me about a family member that was a Serial LDRer...and promised they were not.

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    #4 Guest_~*~Sachita~*~_*

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    Posted 14 October 2017 - 09:16 PM

    It seems like there are lots of people in long distance relationships on here.  No personal experience, but here are some topics that might help you out:


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    Good luck!

    #5 Guest_SUeB_*

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    Posted 15 October 2017 - 04:47 AM

    Nope, not me. i want real, face to face and forever.

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