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Looking for 10 littles to review my ddlg series..

Guest dadBADDY

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Guest dadBADDY





Hey everyone.. Looking for littles only to review my ddlg self published series on Amazon/kindle. I have currently 3 books published of a 5 book series. They are doing quite well as far as sales and pages read are concerned, but I'd like to get some ratings beside the titles to encourage more readership.


I write under a pen name which I'm not going to advertise here. Most of my work is Femdom as the genre is wide open. But there is also a lot of room for DDLG books, even though the readership is a fraction of the Femdom cummunity.


The DDLG series will be finished and published by the first week of November. If any littles are interested in getting their hands on a free 5 book series, please pm me. The reads are very quick as this is novellas.. not full length novels.


It's important to note that the storyline is extremely sexual, about a young man becoming a daddy and the relationship turns poly with bisexual scenes.. so please at least be interested knowing that's where the story goes.


I'm only looking for ten littles to review the material as I also need to generate sales (can't give it all away for free!).. so I'll update the thread if/when this quota is met.


Thanks in advance for anyone willing to participate!

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