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Internet Safety.

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Please be aware and careful of the users you give your first and last names too. Same with the personal info that really should be given out to someone you barely know.  We as mods can't tell you if someone is trustworthy or not. This is something that’s completely up to the users to give out.


If you are underage please don't give out your personal info.

Wait until you are legal.


1.)    Do not give your address to someone unless you know them. If you want to be pen pals, do an exchange, that’s fine, but get to know the person before you give your address out willy nilly.

2.)    Use caution when giving out your address. If you live at home, tell your folks you are giving out your address to someone, if you live with friends or SO, same thing.

3.)    If possible, get a PO Box.

4.)    Don’t give your address out on this site. Use another method of contact that is safer, like skype or something.

5.)    Keep an address book of people who have your address. If you give them your address, please make sure you get there’s.

6.)    If there is an issue with a user who has done something that has put you meaning relationship or friendship in harm’s way because of someone’s mail. Please Contact Sophie, or any of the mods about the user.  If you get outted somehow, it’s best to tell Sophie so she can remove the user for being toxic.


Please also read up on internet safe everyone. 



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