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A shy little

Guest SugarNSpiceSam

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Guest SugarNSpiceSam

I've noticed that my little is very very shy and I get this way whenever I connect with someone. Sometimes I just don't know what to say. I'll act like a little kid and not sure how I can get passed it. So to help me along the way, I tell myself to simply be myself.


Anyone else shy? What usually helps you?


Does anyone meditate?

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My main trick whenever a little is acting shy is try to figure out what interests they have, so many times i've had someone clam up about work or life, but then immediately light up when we talk about a show/book/kink/art/anime they enjoy.

The same thing works from your end, spend some time thinking, what's that one topic you can talk about all day? If you don't have anything like that maybe it's time to develop a hobby or go catch up on cartoons, go see a movie

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