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Help me name my new Ellie Stuffie

Guest starsandlove

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Guest starsandlove

Hi guys!!


I saw a new elephant stuffie at the store today and I was like MINE.


But I have to wait until Christmas to get him :(


And he is a him— idk I would easily have a girl stuffie that could be named Ellie but for some reason I love all my teddies to be boys!!


Please help me name my new friend?


I would like him to have a proper name, that I could also shorten, like Sir or Prince or King or Knight etc and then the 4th or the mighty stamper.


Eg King Elliot the Great


Thanks guys for reading!!!



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Duke Ellington the 2nd


His real name was Edward, so could be Teddy Ellington as well if you wanted.  Or just Ellington, it's got a bit of a Paddington sound about it...

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