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I've recently got a new Daddy and we wanna celebrate by throwing a party for our friends. 

There aren't going to be a lot of littles, so I can't throw a full-blown little party 

But I will be the center of attention ofcourse ^_^ hihi 


My question is if anyone had a party like that, and if anyone knows any fun game ideas? 

My Daddy can cook really well and we will be baking a lot of delicious goodies.

but maybe someone has any fun ideas or tips for a party like this. 



thankyou for reading <3 



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Twister is a fun game and could for both littles and bigs. Maybe some sort of treasure hunt could also be fun. Also while not technically a game what about some sort of craft like paint your own teacup, or sand art or cupcake decorating, etc..

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