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Aftercare is usually what the dominant partner does to ease the submissive after a discipline/punishment/harsh D/s encounter. What you describe isn't really classed as "aftercare", thats just "care" ;)

Unless you mean you go through those things because of what i have just described? If so, that sounds quite worrying to me.

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i agree with what sueb said, that just sounds like 'care'. even in a non-ddlg based relationship, your partner would still probably look after you when you have those breakdowns. it's okay to have those sometimes and i'm glad you work through them!


for things that my daddy does during aftercare or in general, i love:


  • spooning (when im the little spoon of course with my stuffie being the littlest spoon!)
  • hair stroking
  • kisses on the neck
  • watching a TV show together while i sit or lay my head on his lap
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