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Non physical punishments for Littles

Guest Namsoejones

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Guest starsInTheNight

Loss of privileges is one of the most effective I know : it could mean a early bedtime, monitoring and reducing the time the little spend on her phone, computer, in front of the tv...


I don't like giving chores as a punishment because it associates them with being punished and if you ever need help on some chores, you don't want your little thinking she did something bad.


Writing an apology letter or lines can be effectivr too. You can even turn it into something valuable. If your little is learning a new language, make her copy and translate something from this language.

There are even tools online like this website : https://writeforme.org for written punishments.


Time-out, corner time are classics too. And you can combine thing: spanking plus some corner time with panties on her ankles to expose her red bottom. Some enjoy that kind of humiliation.


Of course, all kind of punishments should be discussed and agreed on before, it's best to have a safeword as well since punishments even not physical can cause distress and littles need aftercare too.

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There are even tools online like this website : https://writeforme.org for written punishments.




Do you happen to know of anything like Write for Me that would work on mobile?  I'd love to use that for my little/sub, but he doesn't have internet access for his computer right now, and Write for Me won't work via mobile.

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Guest SeattlesLilPumpkin

My daddy dom takes away my internet time a half hour for every time I misbehave/disobey.

We also do time outs in the corner in 10 minute intervals and if I am super bad he will cancel a date night or a special shopping trip or outing we have planned (but this has only happened once and it really did make me behave better). 


Things my Dom won't take away from me are my 


cell phone - for safety reasons 

my stuffies - for mental health reasons 

my pacis - for mental health reasons 

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