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i Need help entertaining myself when I’m alone

Guest starsandlove

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Guest starsandlove



So basically everyday my LDR daddy goes off to work and I’m home alone all day and there’s obly so much colouring I can do!!!!!


What are other fun and creative things Little’s can do? Sometimes my daddy likes to check in and I fear i sound boring when I keep saying colouring for hours and hours.


The little in me wants to do more burn idk what!! When I regress I remember I wanna crawl and be entertained and it’s really tough to come up with my own ideas :(


Does anybody have suggestions, especially for when my Daddy may be busy?


Or little things I can do that would be fun to have my LDR daddy interact with eg last night we did some online shopping, and it felt really good that he was a part of that, but we can’t go shopping ALLLLL the time.


So what else can I do? I don’t work and I have 4 months off. I wanna have lots of time having fun, because I’m usually in little space.


Maybe somebody could even share w me stories they like or YouTube kids channels (but I don’t wanna rely on technology for all my entertainment).



I love to craft and draw and colour… but idk… everyday I do that and it gets boring.


Does anybody have any suggestions?

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Maybe try to find some friends to do stuff with, whether it be IRL or line, little friends or not. If you have some friends that you enjoy spending time with, you'll feel a lot more productive and be able to get through the day faster, as well as just being fulfilled through friendship. 

There's many other art projects that you can take on that don't involve coloring, and I'm sure your Daddy would be so proud if you took on a new hobby! Try painting with different mediums, or sculpting. My favorite thing to do currently is do a few of the activities in my Mess journal. It's a book, Mess: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes by Keri Smith and I find it really rewarding! You can be as messy as you want and I think it's really helpful for littles.


You can also start on a new cartoon or movie, or get all your stuffies together to have a party with them! My stuffies don't like tea parties, but they do like dance parties. (Yours may be a little less picky!) You could also try learning some new words so whenever your DD gets off of work you can impress him! You can also try to learn a new recipe.


I know how things start to get boring, and it's always nice to have some changes in what you do from day to day. Everyday try to challenge yourself to incorporate something new into what you do. No matter how small. After a while you'll realize how nice it is to have that small change from time to time! 

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Guest JustACutiePie

yeah i feel you with my ex-daddy everytime he would text me i would always only say like three things i was doing what are usually cleaning, coloring, or video games. you could look up fun things online i like watching cute cartoons like mlp have these cute webisodes, or i do cute little crafts like painting or making bracelets, playing with my stuffies, having a movie party by getting a bunch of blankets and make popcorn, making cute snacks, going for a walk.

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