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Guest mrfahrenheit451

Yeah, you're going to need more information on this. What does your little like? Do they like stuffies? Get them stuffy clothes or buy doll diapers. Do they like play-dough? Get them more playdough. You can never have enough. Do they like books? Buy them pop up books. Like to color? Buy the gigantor crayola pack. Or even better, get the one that will let them reuse old crayons to create crazy swirl ones. 

Just think creatively. 

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I would honestly recommend just asking your little what sort of gifts they would want. There's so many things out there that a little might want. Onesies, pacis, a trip to Build-A-Bear, books for bedtime stories, any sort of little friendly craft supplies, their favorite show on DVD, any sort of toys they may enjoy playing with, new cute clothes, etc. The options are endless and it really only depends on what your little enjoys. 


Another thing you could do, which I don't think this is thought about as much, is get your little something that they need. Every little is also an adult, and has adult responsibilities and needs. Maybe your little is in college and needs a new textbook for a class, or maybe your little needs some new hygienic supplies like deodorant or a new toothbrush. There's so many things that your little might need that would make great gifts, especially paired with a couple little oriented gifts. 


Good luck! 

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