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✧・゚: Little Christmas Wishlist ideas!


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Hello hello everyone!


Christmas + Dutch Santa (Sinterklaas yay) are just around the corner, and I don't know what to ask from my friend! He knows I'm a little so nothing is really weird, (he doesn't really understand but doesn't judge lol), I was just wondering what would be appropriate to ask? I already have a few ideas, I was thinking I'm gonna post them in a list, and add any good suggestions that get added! Also, I have to open my gift in front of others.. I'm not that shy, but a sippy cup would be too weird. Stuffie would be acceptable. :3 Anyone has any good ideas? feel free to put them here! Whether it's toys, hobby things, collectibles, clothing.. anything little-ish will do. :3 What would YOU like for christmas!?





- Colouring books

- Art supplies

- Stuffie

- Cute earrings (From Claire's?)

- Stickers, puffy stickers, glitter stuffs, craftsy stuffs!!

- Bath bombs, yummy smelling shower/bath stuff, nice scrubs or oils!!

- a nice bedtime stories book, fairytales, disney comic books!

- Frilly/fuzzy socks!!

- a hot water bottle with a cute fleece cover

- a new blanky with a cute print?








Thanks in advance!! <3













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As you already said, art supplies, stuffies, and coloring books + crayons/markers/colored pencils. You could also maybe ask for stickers, bath bombs (or bath products in general), your favorite movie/cartoon on DVD, gift card to Toys R Us or a bookstore for bedtime books, a care package with some of your favorite treats and candies, etc.

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Cute earrings! From Claire's and the such; really cute/child like. I love them from there! So I've put that on my list. 

Then just the normal fuzzy socks, stationery, bath bombs, PJ's, cute lunch box things (I love cute lunch boxes so they get used with me! :p

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Guest SeattlesLilPumpkin

For me this year it is: 

1) Roller Derby Skates (preferably pink) & Knee/Elbow pads & Helmet (also pink) 

2) Acrylic/Oil paints/ brushes 

3) Hello Kitty or Sanrio Coloring Books 

4) Any cute puffy or scratch and sniff stickers 

5) Cruelty free makeup/nail polish 

6) New cute frilly aprons 

7) Cute knee high/ thigh high stockings 

8) My septum re-periced (for the 3rd effing time lol) XP 

9) Thrift shopping money for all my fave thrift spots 

10) A new tattoo <3 

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I love all of the above ideas! Maybe like a theme to make a basket? Harry Potter, your favorite Disney princess, Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, etc. There are plenty of products in multiple categories (clothes, accessories, bath stuff, coloring books, etcs) at multiple price points that you can get based off of those things I named. Also, maybe a new collar? Something delicate and girly that ties? There are plenty of cute ones on etsy that are made of ribbon and lace.

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Guest Bookish-daddys-girl

All I want from my Daddy is a love poem wrote by him and cuddles by a fireplace with hot cocoa and something tasty. I am spoiled a lot during the year, but lately I feel like I don't get to spend much time with him. He is always working far away.

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Guest pacibrat

I wants scented markers and crayons, pink Play Doh, bath fizzies and/or bubble bars, Aquolina Pink Sugar (my signature scent....smells like cotton candy!), glittery nail polish, cutes panties, candy and anything that's super girly....loves pink, ruffles, lace, satin, bows, etc.!

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Daddy said we could go to the American girl doll store and get a doll that looks like me and one outfit. I'm super excited because I've wanted a doll for years and I thought I would have to wait until March 2018 but daddy put some extra money aside to surprise me.
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