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What's the opposite of venting?


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I figure this could be a place to talk about the good things happening in your life.


Short Story


I'm ashwee's SO. She is incontinent and the diaper we have relied on for her to live her life normally during the day seemed like it might be discontinued. They just showed up back in stock at XP Medical and we ordered a bunch. Just one more thing not to have to stress over. So relieved.


Long Story


I am so relieved right now. As some may or may not know ashwee and I are in a relationship. Additionally ashwee is incontinent. Through trial and error we have found what diapers work best and remove any significant downsides to her incontinence. The only real downside is cost.


ANYWAY. We kinda have been freaking out lately. See for her we mostly use the European Tena during the day as they are slim, quiet, comfortable, and last quite a long time. When the plastic Tena Maxi were discontinued we were at first alarmed but then XP Medical started to carry the Tena Basic Slip. They are almost identical to the Maxi and have the added benefit of being half the price.


But then… they were on extended backorder and we started to really worry. There's not really anything that's a suitable replacement. We've tried everything you can buy from US retailers. The closest replacement are the Unique Wellness Superio but those are more expensive, louder, and I have to cut out the leek guards because they irritate ash's skin. Not ideal.


Well, WOOO they're back in stock. We just ordered two cases so now we don't have to worry about that for at least another month.

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