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    #1 Alice18


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    Posted 26 November 2017 - 11:40 AM

    I bought this cute little baby paci for myself from the baby's section in the department store lol!

    it was too cute, i couldn't resist.


    i'm still in the closet so naturally i hide my Little things from my family. One time, i kept my paci in my backpack. But then my little sister (she's 20yo) was looking for something and i absentmindedly told her to look for it in my bag!!! omg!!!! SHE SAW IT!!!!! i was sweating bullets, i swear. She asked me why I had one..... AND I TOLD HER I FOUND IT SO I PICKED IT UP!!!!!! What a lame excuse!!!!!! omg i'm dying at this point! >////< she was laughing, saying i'm doing my weird antics again. I just laughed it off too. Thinking to myself "phew~ it's embarrassing but i think i'm safe?"


    Then she left the room... and i guess i let my guard down coz i put the paci in my mouth and sucked on it with relief. Then guess what? SHE CAME BACK IN THE ROOM COZ SHE FORGOT ABOUT THAT THING SHE WAS LOOKING FOR!!!! AND SHE SAW ME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if it was possible to be both as red as a lobster but pale as a ghost, that's what i must've looked like.


    So in her head: her elder sister who's a fully grown working adult is sucking on a baby paci which might have been already very used and dirty that she randomly picked up from somewhere. hahahahahahaha someone dig me a hole and let me hide there forever please!!!!


    She still teases me about it every now and then... ^^U lol

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    #2 LittleKitten13


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    Posted 26 November 2017 - 12:45 PM

    That is so funny xD  My friend bought me my first binky.  We were talking about stuff, and she had a binky from when she had one of those extremely realistic dolls, and she decided to put it in her mouth and suck it one day, and discovered it was really relaxing, and then she bought me one.  So, if anyone asks about my binkies, I can say that it's an inside joke with me and my friend.

    ~Papa's Kitten~

    #3 mintypowder



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    Posted 26 November 2017 - 02:44 PM

    Hahahah oh my god. I hide my paci and baby bottle in my room and I change their location regularly. I bought both of them without letting my parents know. I remember I had asked my father to let me buy a baby bottle... Why would you talk to your father about this kind of situation am I right? But I did and told him that I wanted a baby bottle cause drinking beverages from those bottles would be easier especially when I lay down. Of course he did not accept the idea at that moment, the moment was pretty funny actually. Then one day after school, I bought them from a store near my house. I would die if one of my family members found one of them...

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    #4 Guest_Lace and bows_*

    Guest_Lace and bows_*
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    Posted 26 November 2017 - 04:53 PM

    That's really funny.sometime I'll keep mine in my backpack .I forgot once and it almost fell out in front of a bunch of people.i know the feeling of oh gosh I hope they don't see. I tink this situations like that and others just comes with being a little.

    #5 HisDumbBunny


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    Posted 26 November 2017 - 05:52 PM

    I think I would die if anyone saw anything that tied me to being little

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