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New Little in distress


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Hi, when I was about fifteen I realized that there was this part of me that was actually a child, and I thought that there was something completely wrong with me. I've wanted a caregiver since I realized that I was a little, but I'm really scared. I've never been able to be around anybody when I'm in my little mindset out of fear that maybe there was something wrong with me and people would think I'm a freak. I've never been able to show my true self to anybody and I'm terrified of doing this. I want a daddy, but I don't know if I'd be good enough for anybody or how bad I might be. I want to be who I actually am for once and I just need a little bit of help figuring this out. Any tips or advice would be very much appreciated.
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First of all, Welcome to the forums!!! 


What you're feeling is 110% normal. Every one of us had doubts in the beginning, Every one of us was New to DDlg at one point and we all needed advice/answers. 


First and foremost.. you're not a freak. Not even close. You're a normal human being who has discovered a new part of themselves.. People are a constantly evolving life form.. you learn and change from the day you are born until the day you die. It's a Journey for all of us. 


The most important thing to do right now is to discover Little You. What do they like? What are their dreams? What makes Little You happy? You need to become comfortable in your own skin. After that you can start considering a CG. A good cg will calm those fears and insecurities over time and teach you how to embrace your Little Space in their company if that's what you want. Little Space is a very intimate thing  - It's kinda like being naked... it's a private part of yourself that of course you don't want to show to the world but a Daddy that makes you comfortable and confident in it can make a world of difference for some. Little You also may be perfectly happy just being Little You and not NEED a Caregiver. There's quite a few Littles/middles/pets here that don't have a CG for one reason or another and they are Peachy with not having one. Every one of us are Different, We are like glittery little snowflakes - No 2 exactly alike but no less beautiful. Find yourself, Love yourself in this new skin and every else will come with it. 


Welcome to the Blanket Fort <3 

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