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"Yesterday a friend of hers discovered loads of ddlg stuff when she was using her laptop, she felt really embarrassed and upset and decided she needs to grow up and stop being a little."


"She called me this morning crying and told me all this and that she has thought about it long and hard"




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Ok, seriously though, give her time. At the moment she doesn't want anything to do with it and she's making this much harder on herself than she should. She should tell her friends to sod off and do her own thing. If she can't realise that and you can't make her realise that, let her go. Even if it's for a while. If she's really a little, she will go back to it, maybe go back to you. If not, you're better off finding another little.


I could never 'give up' being a little as it's part of who I am, I think that counts for many people on this forum. I don't think she can either, if she really is one. It sucks but you're better off finding someone else who doesn't act all 'OMG I AM DISGUSTING I'M SO GROSS BECAUSE I LIKE DDLG I NEED TO BE CURED BECAUSE I WATCH MY LITTLE PONY' ?????? Like, cured? for what? calling your boyfriend? is she a nun???


Give it some time I guess.

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I agree with WolfyCheeks. Definitely give her time. None of my family or even best friends know I'm a little (family is super conservative and could never wrap their minds around it, my friends are very vanilla with sex and one is a virgin so they'd never get it in a million years), so I'd probably have the same knee jerk reaction if they found out that I'm a middle. I'd give her some space and let her know that you're available if she needs to vent her feelings and talk. Good luck with everything. 

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Guest JayRingo77

I agree - time and space are warranted and do your best to keep the communication flowing.


Other questions to consider:


Would you be involved with her if she wasn't a Little?

Does your relationship require the DD/lg context?

What about her reaction impacted how you view yourself as a caregiver?  How did that lead to you stepping away from being a Daddy?

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