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Sleep is for the Lovers


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Sleep is for the lovers, and love is for the others.

I've sacrificed my slumber and my stomach's wrung with hungers.

I've lost the one I wanted. I've lost my sense of wonder.

I wander to the water 'til my head is sunken under.

Love is for the others, and home is where I'm lonely.

I don't begrudge the comely but my hope is for the homely.

The rock is not the river. The road is never rosy.

The broken brave the bitterness; their brittle bones are ghostly.

Home is where I'm lonely, and no one knows my faces.

I've created my excuses and I choose engaging statements.

The truth is laid to waste. Your proof is made of mazes.

With ships engaged and lips unloosed, the patient grew ungracious.

No one knows my faces. They fade into the clutter.

I mustered all my bravery but basically, I mutter.

The martyr can't believe it, but the meat ignores the buzzards.

Keep your eyes awake and wide. Sleep is for the lovers.

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This is really, really pretty and I really got goosebumps from reading it. There's sort of a melancholic tone going on, at least that's what I was able to interpret personally. The last few lines really stuck out to me. From from you would be great. 

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