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Best way of dealing with post relationship emotions??


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Get rid of anything that reminds you of them. Pretend you never met them. Forget them as best u can.

Its hard to get over a person you loved. Forgetting and leaving them in the past is the only way imo

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Firstly, I'm sorry to hear that. It's hard to end a relationship with someone you grow such an enormous attachment to.

Nearly everything you do will remind you of them, but the hardest thing (assuming you were in love) is avoiding that.


If the effect is only hitting you now, maybe you just need to confront that grievance head on. It sounds harsh, but

it might be helpful in the long run to be friends with your emotions. Set your feelings free, cry if you have to. 


Bottling it in is the absolute worst thing you could do so perhaps you should just listen to upbeat tunes or pick up

a fun new hobby. Definitely try NOT to stay home too frequently, you'll be prone to over thinking.

It might sound like it'll do the opposite, but maybe even go on dates. Casual ones if nothing else, spending time with other

people, potential lovers or not could be helpful in different ways. Just stay distracted, I guess. 


(Sorry if this wasn't helpful, I was in the very same situation not to long ago, but I'm sure my circumstances were different.)

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Guest Mister Grey

Keep yourself busy.  Go out to your favorite places.  Call up your friends and plan an outing.  Got to a few new places you always wanted to try.  Go to a concert.  Volunteer for a charity.  Just get out there and experience life, live life, meet new people, try new things.  


There is no cure, we all wish there was.  Time will dull things and keeping busy will distract you.  take it one day at a time…you will be stronger on the other side.



Good luck.

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Guest QueenPrincess

K's (slightly) unconvential guide to breaking up:


Phase one: First cry. Like, make yourself cry if you're not a crier. Make yourself cry with something completely unrelated and once you start, allll the pent up stuff will come out. And only once you've let it out (usually takes more than one go) can you start my phase two.


Phase two: Decide what worked in the relationship and what didn't and use that knowledge moving forward. Exchange the feely/nostalgic stuff for the lesson.


Phase three: Have a crush. You don't have to date the crush. Actually, let me rephrase that, "DO NOT date the crush"

-> Rebound is a silly way of looking for affirmation

-> A new crush is just replacing the post-breakup thought loop with a similar, more positive, more present tense thought loop.

As your heart gets ready to move on (it'll actually happen, like for real, it always does) the only thing that will keep you 'stuck' is overthinking "why did it happen" or "what does this mean" or "oh no what if she's the only girl on planet earth for me"?

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Guest PianoPlayer

No contact. Do not contact the person ever again. 
Remove any reminders you have of the person that you can. 
Stay single for a while. Don't get under someone, to get over someone. 

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It's hard leaving a 2 year relationship, especially if you expected it to be for life. Get rid of the, "Blame Game," it only causes you to regress and try to make a clean cut. Forgive and Love the person... Then when you're feeling ready move on.


Also it's easy to look at new people like the past person. 


Pluses: you know what you want more now than you did before. 


Minuses: You're likely to be a bit more hesitant to be open.

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