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Question about Collar/Leash Safety


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So as some of you may know… I do really like wearing a collar with a leash. Often when I do this with ghosty (my bf/daddy for those who don't know) I usually like him to pull on the leash. I have no idea why but I really like the pulling sensation. Anyway, it seems like I'm always wanting him to pull it harder and harder all the time. I'm not talking about him yanking it, just consistent gentle pressure.


Anyway my question is… how much pressure is too much pressure? Earlier today we actually kinda broke a semi-cheap collar of mine because I think maaaaybe I was having him pull a bit too hard? I guess I'm mainly looking at it from a safety standpoint? Obviously yanking on it very abruptly is going to potentially be dangerous, but even in being careful, there still must be a limit where safety is concerned as far as pressure?


So basically, I'm just curious what everyone else's opinion is on this?

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I think a thing to keep in mind as far as personal safety, is posture. You've already got the "no sudden shock" part down, so you don't have to worry about that. As long as you keep your neck strait and don't get pulled into a slouch and thensome, you probably won't have an issue! I'm sure if it's doing something wrong, you'll notice. (And if you keep breaking collars, either they're cheap or Ghost is the hulk and you need to be careful telling him to pull)

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Get a dog collar, you won't break that and well it's up to him to notice when its too much & safewords are key.


Please don't use a dog collar for this kind of play,


Invest in a no-cheap BDSM collar,



I have the luck to know someone who MAKES BDSM collars , and she has said to me : 

The ring for the leash she uses is made to break if you pull on too hard,

Most of the dog collars don't break if you pull too much.


it's a safety measure that is used by most BDSM Collars builders (sub-shop and collar factory do it if i remenber right ).


Second thing, prefer a collar with a ring in front of the neck, if you pull hard there will be no big risk unless it is pulled suddently and very very strongly (case of « whiplash injury »).

Avoid ring behind the neck because there are more risk of strangulation.

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I totally agree with Mr. Dawn here. Collars and leashes present a strangulation and whiplash hazard. Imagine if the leash became caught on something and you fell with all your body weight. This is the same reason choke chains are a no no.


But, I think so long as the pressure is steady and you can still breathe you should be ok. Maintain communication at all times and have body signals as well as safe words in place. Also, as Mr. Dawn said, keep the ring at the front of the throat to avoid potential damage to the trachea. Hope this helps. :)

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