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Guest Little A

so me and my daddy dont have any rules... and i kinda need the structure so i was thinking what are some rules you give/you'd give your little and what punishments should go with them if not followed?

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Here is some of the rules i got for my little monkey! 

1. Never Lie to daddy.

2. Daddy knows what’s best for Monkey, Daddy words is final, always. you will not argues daddy final words on anything at all.
3. Always listen to daddy.
4. Bedtime is at 11pm (school nights) 12pm (weekends and holidays). Unless daddy say otherwise.

5. Once a day and everyday, you must have quiet time with daddy and tell him what happen on that day, talk to daddy about things you have on your mind. it can be anything you like. It will keep is open with each other and also learn more about each other.
6. if anyone hurts you must tell daddy asap.
7. If Monkey is sick or going to hospital you must tell daddy asap.
8. Morning and night selfies daily.

9. If monkey tries hurting herself, she must tell daddy after/before, so we can talk about the problem.
10. Once we live together monkey will need to be up, dressed and looking nice for daddy before he get’s home from work.. unless he’s working late then monkey should follow “rules 4”.
11. When drinking alcohol you must always asked for daddy permission before drinking. If daddy’s says no, he mean no!
12. You will need to asked daddy before cheeky time or play without daddy or without daddy’s permission less you have really really need to.
13. You must always call Daddy by he’s name at all times.
14. If Monkey doesn’t listen to daddy, will be given punishment.. depending on that monkey has done.
15. Monkey must eat at lease 2-3 meals a day and much drink lost of water :p

16. Monkey must always say good morning and good night to daddy.
17. Monkey must take her Meds every night before bed
18. Monkey should never used bad language around or with daddy.
19. Monkey must call daddy if she’s feeling alone or need to say “hello”, Daddy will always pick up for monkey or call back asap and it doesn't matter if daddy is busy cause he will always call back in time
20. Monkey must always come to daddy for advice about what she wear before going out on a adventure
21. Monkey must never used the word

and my fav rule.....
22. Always remember that daddy is very proud of you all the time.

also, Every couple of months i review this and add and change this.. something to keep in mind :) 

With punishment.
it can be simple time outs, not going out, not hanging with friends, writing lines, facing the wall for some time, and ect! 

hope this helps :) Free feel to message if you need more advice :) 


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