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Everything has been super sucky lately. Over the summer i barely got to see Daddy although we texted everyday and there were phone calls sprinkled in there too. We went 3 months of not seeing eachother and it was lame. Like so so so SO lame and then finally 2 times once in his town, once in mine. And now we are back to a month and a half in between and there were reasons to begin with and then it just wasn't discussed, and then he mentioned coming up and i dont think it will happen.


I know im trying to mentally prepare myself for the worse but it's hard. It's so stinking hard. I try soooo hars not to lump people from my past but we were seeing eachother every 1-2 weeks and then his job picked, which is a very predictable thing and i totally understood. It's just how it goes but at this point i just can't stand to hear, "Daddy will make it up to you." I've had a lifetime of people promising that. Im having a really hard time and it's a whole lot of dookie.

I know i am emotionally drained, ive given every part of me i can to everyone else and i need the chance to reset. I know that's putting a lot on him but he knows of my junk.

While i hate being vulnerable, i have to put it somewhere because it's all super overwhelming and just so hard.


So here are the options. 1. He comes tomorrow and i calm my behind down or 2. He cancels again and Im broken on my own.


What do i do? I cant handle waiting but insont want to be nagging about such things.

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Guest worstlittleangel

i literally have been in that position before and it is super tough but you gotta give him an ultimatum ask him if he really wants to be with you and commit his love and time to you or you leave him because he isn't being the best to you. it is so hard but you gotta do what is best for you doll. msg me if you need anything <3

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