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So I have an SO but he doesn't know that I am into stuff like this.. I'm worried about telling him because I'm worried he will break up with me. Has anyone else dealt with this? What did you do?
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I know a ton of people who were worried about stuff like that. My advice is always to communicate, if you're in a relationship where you're afraid to be completely open to your partner then that's not good..it's frustrating. Edited by Prat(Praetorian)
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Guest DeathSquadBrat

How long have you been together?


I didn't tell my SO.. it kinda just evolved into ddlg. I mean I already knew a lot about ddlg and was already into it. But he didn't know much. He acted like a daddy before I called him daddy. I got lucky.


However I have had to tell people in the past and I usually like to ease them into it. I like to explain what it is before I say that I'm into it. Because typically people think it's something that it's not if you aren't careful.

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Guest Bunnyblossom

Time is key.

Introduce one thing at a time and wait for that thing to be comfortable before trying to introduce something else.


I have heard a LOT from Littles and Daddies already in relationships who want to involve their SO, and they want everything all at once and it goes pear-shaped very quickly.

Try to imagine a fetish that you might not be into- how would you feel if your SO wanted you to suddenly do all of those things? Probably a bit overwhelmed, is my guess. ^^


The way I explained to my husband about being my Daddy, was that he means more to me than just a husband or boyfriend role- he looks after me, protects me and means more than the usual 'relationship' standard. And that calling him Daddy is my way of acknowledging that and is used as a term of endearment, not just a kinky thing or because i have Daddy issues (because I don't).

I didn't/haven't bombarded him with DDLG info or given him a to-do list. I've just explained the things I'd like or want to try and made it about us, not about what everyone else is doing in the community and trying to match up to that.


Hope that makes sense. ^^

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