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Little Fursona


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Any littles here also happen to be furries?

I just created my character last night.

She is 9 years old and she is half snow leopard and half rabbit.


I think I'll call her Chelsea.

What do you think?

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I dunno if I'm a furry or not. I think I might be. I don't have a fursona yet... 


Anyway, I think yours looks good! The drawing could use a little cleaning up and depth, but it's already better than I could do. ^~^ Well done!

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I have a fursona that's a wolf and cat hybrid, (we call it a Pupen) and my particular hybrid is a 90% wolf to 10% cat ratio so she looks like a wolf but with more pup like features, she has sharper fangs/claws like a cat as well as she's more flexible and able to climb like a cat would as well as having the ability to purr/meow and howl/bark.


Also your fursona is adorable!, would it be alright if I tried to draw her?

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