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Cards reading about "depression."


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My best friend is reading people's card since years and she read mine about my ''depression'' (sorry it's still pretty difficult to put this title on it). I wanted to share that with you because I think it can help and give hope to other people with this kind of issues. Of course these are the cards she read for ME, it's pretty personnal but the conclusion is not bad and maybe people could see some positive aspects for them. If you guys read cards too, or if you have been read your cards, does it helped you ? 


1) The first question it answered was "What is obvious in this situation?"  : 
- The Infertility : feeling of emptinessdespair, nothing productive. Feeling of uselessness. Lack of results and satisfaction in all areas. And meaningless relationships
"Feeling of not evolving and not flourishing in one's environment.
No reward or recognition for his efforts and talents. "
She gave me keywords: vain attempt, dead end, uselessness, loneliness, disenchantment, powerlessness.
She was a little surprised at the accuracy of the cards regarding my current situation. I was too.
2) "What is hidden in this situation?"
- She picked the card "Fire": It's a card turned to passions, spontaneity, combat. "Brave, bold, impulsive person". 
"This is the hidden side of the first card, what is buried. If this despair and emptiness are so strong it is because a strong desire and a strong personality exists. It's not because the fire is smothered that it does not exist. It shows that this emptiness is immense because this fire can not bloom. Your true personality is this card, not the first one. You are a passionate person who wants to live his dreams and this emptiness is created because all of that is repressed. If you feel so much despair it is because you have hope but it is repressed. You feel that nothing is possible, you are stuck in your life and in your dreams that we try to repress." She said to me.
3) "Why am I in this situation?"
This is the card "News" : Surprises, turnaround, understand what is really happening. Your hopes come true and the trials seem to diminish magically. Change sets in quickly, events jostle. 
"This period can help you grow and understand things. But it does not really talk about why you got there, I'm going to pick another card to try to understand. But soon, plot twist in your life."
She picks another card for this question: 
- "Ruin": "A tower collapses. The tower is falling apart, exhausted by the weight of years. All kinds of facts, actions, thoughts, various situations and events, will collapse with it.
This card puts an end to shaky situations. If management has not been effective, it must be destroyed to build back better on new and solid foundation in all areas. This card announces a collapse, a feeling or concern worn dieback.
Isolation, loneliness, sadness. Confidence vanishes and disappointments dominate.
Desire to withdraw from the active world.
It is important to start a life on a new foundation. "
4) "What should I do now?"
- "Elevation" : It's about ambitions, improve your life, do not give up. Projects built on solid foundations.
" We know that the reason you are so sad today is because we repress what you are. You have dreams and you're not so crazy to the point to let yourself be corrupted by a sick society, it's only natural that you stick to it with all your strength. And it's normal to be exhausted when everyone shows you it's not possible and you're stuck in a life of shit.
I know it's not your end. "
So that's it. It was pretty impressive, I know her and I know she's honest with that, and it was so precise. I was pretty shocked but it kind of reassure me? 
What are your thoughts about cards reading ? 


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Guest aphroditelaughs

I read tarot professionally, so I have a lot of faith in it as a divination tool. I think a lot of people go into it with questions like "will I be rich" or "how do I keep this lover". But ultimately it's a guide for you to make your own decisions.


I'm glad you had a positive experience with your reading!

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