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Little wants to try a mommy


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So my little yesterday said she wanted a mommy too. I am not sure about this.  She says she just wants to try it.  I'm worried if i agree to this I might lose her.  She is the one that introduced me to this lifestyle and I have only been with her for 3 months so I'm not sure what to do. Is this normal?  She says she is happy and if mommy tries to take all control then shes gone lol.  But still I worry.

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Yes it’s normal. Some people are simply wired for more than one partner.


While your fear is rational and it could happen, remember this could be something fundamental to your little. Perhaps your little is just realizing what she needs, and if she truly needs both and can’t get it she will leave, or worse she won’t leave and she’ll be miserable.


However, she may just be curious. This is ok! She might need to explore this to know she doesn’t want/need it. Sexuality is fluid.


Like any relationship, poly needs communication, honesty, kindness, understanding - just more of it cause there’s more people.


If it comes to it, that she needs two and you need one, it may be time to ask if your actually compatibles. Hearts are strange creatures, they can be incompatible and still fall in love. It stinks and it hurts, but maybe your paths crossed for this reason.


I wouldn’t worry. What will have to be will be. She’s probably just curious - nearly everyone is at one time or another. Just be supportive, and if you truly don’t want to, don’t.

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