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Rules specifically for LDR / not being together


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Hey everybody!


I am a relatively new Daddy, and I am in an open relationship with my girlfriend who is not a Little.


This means that any relationships I form with a Little will be ones that won't be a 'normal' romantic relationship, meaning things like living together or seeing each other on a semi-daily basis are off the table.


I've seen other people here who are in open relationships as well, or in a long distance relationship, so I'm wondering:

What are rules that are fit for the kind of relationship where you either aren't physically together all the time, or where your Little has a significant other in their lives?

Thanks for your replies!

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It isn't a conventional relationship, though it's a new wave of relationship tailored to the needs and yearnings of some people. I have known people that desire purely a text based relationship and nothing more than that. The fact you're both being honest with one another is intriguing. 


I have had a few relationships of this sort and they're fine if you're not in the least bit jealous and don't intend to get that way. For so long as there is distance usually(for most people but not all) there are needs that aren't going to be met. Other than that being realistic, not demanding too much. Though not accepting being ignored either are essential. 


I find that if a person isn't VideoChatting or AudioChatting regularly things get just too distant and I'd rather just go read a book. I mean there is only so much of a person you can see in pictures and texts. You have to make your own rules as you go along together that you're both comfortable with. Enjoy it for as long as it will last. I have had some that last a few years and some a few nights. Generally...


they're don't last very long but they can be nevertheless intense if both people involved are creative and enjoy the method of connection.

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Hi there! My daddy and I are long distance, and we have a few rules in place. 

1) I have to eat at least 2 times a day, possibly 3 with snacks as well!

2) I have study as much as I can before I do anything else, besides eating or necessities (I'm in college currently)

3) Bedtime before 1am (I'm usually asleep by 12 though haha)

Some other ones that My long distance friends use are; Chores (pictures to prove), CG picks outfit (Little sends pictures of items of clothing), etc.

I know this question was specified for CG's but I saw it and thought I should answer. 

Thankies! Buh-bye!

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Guest OrdinarySoma

Good question.


For the LDR aspect: When I was in a long distance relationship we had rules to address the daily dilemmas we’d face (time zones for one), and meet our needs better. For one, we’d schedule our sleep for maximum time with each other. We would usually make sure to “play” once per day because one of us was usually hornier than the other (it varied who) and so once per day was a good balance for that, like when one of us was more tired.


For DDLGish rules: She was an artist, but a little unconfident, so to help her grow to express herself more confidently, I required her to draw me pictures/paintings often. She also loved photography, so I would have her take pictures of the city lights and around her town for me often. She was so good, so I’d compliment her and give her more of a reason to be creative. When she was bad (talking back at me, etc), I would give her quite the scolding, and make her perform a task or two, but of course she knew it wasn’t real condemnation, and I loved her, so she liked it and felt safe. :)

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You could introduce a rule to make your little say/write a little goodnight greeting to you before she falls asleep at night?


But otherwise, it's something you have to figure out with your little 

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