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Little/ Middle space activities for the summer!

Guest Sae

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I thought this might be a good idea. To make a list of ideas for the summer. So if you have spare time with your Daddy/Mummy/Caregiver you can maybe pull an idea from here to go do!  All Ideas are welcome, Free or not! Lets do this!


Here are some ideas :

  • Go to a local park, beach or lake. 
  • Go to a local aquarium.
  • Going out to Blow bubbles. 
  • Go to the zoo
  • Water Balloon Fights
  • Water Gun Fights. 
  • Do some planned crafts. (Like sewing, knitting, drawing, coloring, painting, crocheting. DIYS)  
  • Do some baking with Daddy. 
  • Plan a movie night. Make a blanket fort, grab your computer or make your blanket fort around your tv. Grab stuffies, make snacks and pick out some drinks. And when its movie time you guys can get into the fort and snuggle and watch a movie together in something you both created. 
  • Go out for Ice cream. (Or Frozen yogurt or waffles)
  • Go on a road trip. 
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I love to swim around and pretend I'm a mermaid hahaha. I also LOVE going and trying on fancy princess dresses. I'll go to a Macy's or Sears, try on the fanciest dress I can find, and be a princess :D 

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Road trips. Daddy and I can't afford to do it, but I love to travel.

:p Road trips are fun. Neither of us can drive. LOL so that wouldn't be for Daddy and I. but I will say there fun. Its even just nice to drive out of the city and look at the nature and get a view of a different landscape 

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Daddy has a pool at his house. So if the beach is icky we do that. And he squirts me with the water gun. Ahh. Haha maybe I'll attack him back next time cause there's two!

We go to the mall when its hot.

And we go on walks in the woods

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Guest littlebubblebaby

The park is my favorite place to go with daddy...especially when there's baby ducks to watch :3


We haven't gone to any, but check locally and see if your town or nearby towns are running outdoor movies at night in the summer. There's tons around where I live...and they're almost always family oriented so you're sure to find at least one movie or two that littles love (I see disney ones listed a lot!)

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I make a bucket list every summer and this is my current one: 


Hike in Bushkill Falls. [x]
Have a picnic with homemade macaroni or potato salad.
Make deviled eggs together.
Go to Knoebel's
Stay in Gettysburg. 
Eat at a diner at 3 AM.
Sleep under the stars. 
Go to the Lands of Hillside Farm.
Go to Coldstone for ice cream.
Have a movie marathon night. 
Have a running race with the papa bear. 
Go to Cosmos with the papa bear.
Have a champagne toast.
Grill steaks. 
Make kabobs. [x]
Get a piggy back ride from the papa bear.
Go fishing.
Ride a bike together.  [x]
Go roller skating. 
Take a bubble bath together.
Eat Sweet Creams.
Move into our house!
Go on swings at a park together. [x]
Go to a carnival.
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I love these lists!! I'm adding:


Go camping!! Even if it's in your own backyard.


Go biking/running


Go to the Drive In! (If you're lucky to have one nearby)


Go fly kites!


Find a hammock and have your caregiver read to you!! :)


Make your own Popsicles or ice cream!


Play with sidewalk chalk!


Garden together


Paint some rocks for the garden!

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