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Hospitalization (Trigger Warning: Suicide)


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This is a sensitive topic for me and maybe for others too, so TRIGGER WARNING.


I am seriously thinking about admitting myself to hospital. I have never done it before so I am quite scared. I think I am a danger to myself and I am not safe. Can you admit yourself to hospital for Suicide Watch?


I have felt the same way for over three years, and it is getting unbearable to the point where I think hospital is the only place I'd be monitored and safe. I have done research, but the details of what happens if you do turn yourself into hospital is unclear; especially in Australia. Things like:

- Conditions

- How you're treated

- How long you stay

- Can you refuse visitors?

Any information is really appreciated, and if this post is triggering I'm really sorry. If it's not allowed also; sorry. 

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i've undergone three psychiatric hospitalizations in the US. The first one was for suicidal ideation. In my opinion, if you're really considering suicide then you should get treated, ideally as an inpatient. I'd imagine American hospitals take in psychiatric patients more easily, since that's the way the incentive structure of our healthcare system works. My guess is that in just about any developed country they'll admit you if they think you're really at risk of suicide.


Of the three psychiatric facilities i've stayed in, one was damn depressing, but one was rather enjoyable to stay in - there was a very lively atmosphere and a great mix of people. The other was somewhere in between. Some even had pretty good food, although there was no caffeinated coffee. 


Treatment is a combination of medication, individual therapy, group therapy, and activities of a less serious nature (such as coloring). You might be forced to take medications you don't like. If they give you a pill that causes physical damage, then (based on my experience) they'll rush you to the emergency room right away. One medication they gave me, Abilify, did not cause have any physical harm to me but it did cause what I now know are anxiety attacks. It took a lot of begging before they switched me to another medication (Geodon). 


In one of these hospitals the staff seemed to be generally very pleasant towards the patients, while at the other two I remember being treated more roughly.


My first hospitalization lasted three weeks, the second lasted one week, and thee third lasted four days. The first time I didn't see a need to stay more than a couple days, but it took three weeks for them to decide I was safe. In my third hospitalization I wanted to stay longer, but they forced me out, I guess because they were afraid someone else would need my spot. Other people with the same psychiatric condition as me (bipolar disorder) have told me they were forced to stay in the psych ward for several months, although some of these people were suffering from other problems as well, such as drug addiction.


You CAN refuse visitors  - in the US anyway. I don't see why it would be different in Australia. During one of my hospitalizations I insisted that they not allow anyone in my family to visit. 


I hope this was helpful. I'm certainly not an expert though.

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I have been hospitalized in Australia and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. If you'd like to talk about it, I'm more than happy for you to PM me. <3 

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At least here in the US you can admit yourself into a hospital. From personal experience I recommend though, that you possibly research Mental Facilities vs a General hospital, as at least here in the US the General hospital may not have a psych ward or have a poor one, and they may just send you to the closest Mental Facility, regardless of whether or not you would approve of that specific location. Also, some situations (such as admitting to a General hospital vs self admitting to a mental facility) by determine how long you'll stay and if you can check yourself out. Know your medical history and know what medications you refuse to take. Be prepared to stay a minimum of a week.

Also know your options, if you don't know if you really don't want inpatient see if there is a local therapy office with an opening.


Best of luck, and I hope things get better. *hugs*

If you need someone to talk to feel free to send me a message.

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Here is some info for you... This is all stuff for your area.


Helpline 1: 13 11 14
Website: www.lifeline.org.au
NSW1800 636 825
QLD1300 363 622
WA1800 676 822
NT1800 019 116
TAS1800 332 388
ACT1800 629 354
VIC1300 280 354
Salvos Careline 1300 36 36 22 (National)
Lifeline 13 11 14 


I've never been hospitalized but I will say its better to be responsible and have yourself be put there for the amount of time and have people look after you and make sure your okay before your discharged than for you to wonder around and feel not safe being with your own self. Go if you need to. and it doesn't mean you're weak if you need help. 

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