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Help explaining please???


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So i have a friend who is interested in learning about ddlg and has been asking me questions about it, he is wondering how it's not one sided (he says it seems like the doms do all the work) i know it's not one sided but i am very bad at explaining things sometimes and if anyone could give me a way to explain it to him i would be very happy :) thank yous
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I don't think doms do all the work.  I'm an extroverted and high energy little. But I'm also an older little.  I'm 31.  It really depends on the little and the daddy.  Yes, there are littles that are super high maintenance where the daddy has to do all the work.  But those littles should not speak for the rest of us Littles.  I've had daddies chase me because they like the idea of being a stay at home daddy while I work full time.  There's many aspects to the ddlg:


There the romantic aspect of ddlg:

I'm really artistic and I do things like drawing portraits or pieces of artwork my daddy at the time would love or find funny. 


I'm also musical.  I write songs for my daddy.  Some songs I write are silly.  Some are really really  personal and are meant to sweep my daddy off your feet.  

The sexual side of ddlg:

I'm a spunky and high energy little.  I'm also spunky and high energy in the sack.  I'm also more sexually experienced than an 18 year old little because I'm older. Even though, I am a sub Little, I do as much work during sex as my daddy dom does. 


The cutesy side of ddlg:

I constantly try to think of new ways to be cute as his little via video, pics, snapchat and etc.  I also try to work really hard to improve my little voice or little talk as much I can.  I spend a lot of  time to send him the perfect picture of me holding a sign with his name on it and making cute videos for him.  


The financial side of ddlg relationships:

Like any relationship, finance, bills and money can be handled many different ways.  I'm a more progressive little.  So I want a super creative stay at home daddy while I work full time and I pay the bills long term. Or both the little and daddy can work and split the bills equally down the middle. Or in some scenarios the daddy will be the one that works while the little stays at home.  There's many ways to do it.  But I have come across daddies that have high paying jobs on this site that try to buy my time or affection (but I respond that I would rather be the one paying the bills or split the bills equally). 


The idea that daddies do all the work and littles do not do much work in the relationship is an unfair judgement. 

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What I meant to say is "my daddy at the time". I currently do not have a daddy at all.   When I say dom, I mean daddy dom. 

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Guest BabyPeach

The caregiver chooses the caregiver role because they enjoy doing it.  Like it was said above, it's a give and take though.  Being a caregiver IS hard work, and a big responsibility, I acknowledge that, but littles also work hard to contribute in their own little way (at least I do).  Putting a smile on Daddy's face is the best thing ever. :)  


Also, some littles need more from a caregiver than others.  I'm a low maintenance little.  :D

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