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Needing some advice


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So...where to begin......


I am poly. I am currently married and my wife knows that I am this way(and supports me). She isn't really into much of what I am(you could call her vanilla).


Anyways, what I was meaning to post.


I've been talking to a semi-local guy(lives about 2 hours from me) for over a month now. And while we has shown an interest in me, he said before that he doesn't want to make anything official until after we meet. So while he gives me a lot of care and attention and love I still have this part that yearns for something more.


So I decided to reach out to try something online only just to get this need satisfied. And I found an awesome guy who I like.


Well last night....my local guy said to me "My little one"....and my heart just melted. He called me HIS! This is something I've been secretly wanting. I tried not to make a big deal about it. In case it was a slip. But I couldn't help but gush over it. When I said something about it he said "well in a way you are".


And now....now I feel very guilty about talking to the guy online. I feel like its not my place now to be under another Daddy's guidance after what my local guy called me. And I just....I don't know what to do.


Should I continue with this other guy, should I end it? If I do end it, how do I not upset him? I really don't want to hurt anyone.


I am not good at communicating my feelings and I feel guilty over dumb stuff sometimes. But I don't want to screw up what I have with this local guy more than anything else.


(I'd really appreciate to hear from both other littles and Daddies as well)

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Do both of the guys know that you are talking to other Daddies? Because although you are poly, I think it might be a little bit deceitful (I'm so sorry, that's a really strong word but I don't know what else to use) to be talking to more than one care giving figure at a time. 


If you don't want to screw up what you have with the local guy, I would break it off with the guy on the internet. 

But I'd wait until after you meet with the local guy, tell internet man that you have another care giving figure that you haven't met yet, and you're sorry for leading him on, tell him that you are going to meet him at some point and that it's not certain if you two are in any kind of relationship until you meet up. 

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Guest Rainbow

I agree with BabyDoll above. You need to keep everyone in the loop. That includes your wife too. Full disclosure is a must if you don't want to hurt people. Good luck. As for telling it in a way it won't hurt- bandaid. If it's gonna hurt, it's not gonna matter how you say it.

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