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  • needy littles

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    Posted 11 January 2018 - 05:52 PM

    I was wondering what CG do/think of their needy littles do you ever feel like they're a burden or just inconvenient? I'm very needy me and my daddy are long distance but my daddy works 12 hours a day and 4 days a week and I'm always needy and want to talk to him as much as possible when he's not working he's really nice about it and always here when i need him and stays up with me and end up just sleeping 4 hours I try my best not to make him stay up because I feel bad because that make him really tired so we'd talk for a little bit and I'd hang up to let him sleep 5 minutes later I call him again crying because I miss him he calms me down and keep talking to me until I feel better and ready to sleep too.
    So I just want to know if anyone have a little like me? and if I should feel bad for being that needy? Just share your thoughts in general

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      Baby Peach

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    Posted 11 January 2018 - 06:04 PM

    You're not just a little, you're an adult and at times you need to act like one.  The man needs his sleep so that he can function properly at work (and not end up losing his job).  I don't know what he does, but since he works 12 hour shifts, I suspect it might be in the health care industry.  Sleep is even more vital for people who work in that field. What you're doing isn't needy, it's selfish.

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    #3 Guest_cutesky_*

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    Posted 11 January 2018 - 06:25 PM

    That's not an everyday situation I'm just talking generally and as I said we are long distance so at times that becomes all the time we spend together in days

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    Posted 11 January 2018 - 06:37 PM


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    Posted 12 January 2018 - 07:35 AM

    Have you tried other ways to calm yourself down? Being needy isn't inherently a bad thing, but if it's to the point where your Daddy is losing so much sleep and needs to concentrate at work - then it's not good for him! Perhaps you could talk to him about it and how he can better control his own sleeping patterns too? :) 


    I don't necessarily think you should feel bad, but perhaps learn to have some self-control (not in a harsh way), just learning to rein it back a little when you feel like calling him again after you've hung up! I can see what you mean about the staying up into strange hours because you're long distance but that's only viable when your Daddy has no work to do. My Daddy would sleep and wake up at the weirdest times when he was on break so that we could talk, but now that he has things to do and school/work, it's not particularly healthy or practical to then stay up all those hours or adjust to my timezone. Whilst it's nice to have my Daddy there all the time, and I can understand getting upset when he leaves or him not being able to do that anymore but you have to think about what it's doing to him too! 


    Keeping busy is a good way to pass the time. I'm really busy all day until my Daddy finishes his work, and it's fine by me. There are always going to be times when you'll want your Daddy or miss him a lot, but the truth is, he isn't always going to be around when you need him because he has his own things to finish too - that might be really saddening, and sometimes it might get too much that you have to call him, but try to resist that unless things are really bad. I know that my Daddy lets me call him if I have a really bad nightmare or I'm just in general feeling bad, but sometimes he can't because he's busy... and whilst that's not a nice situation to be in, what can you do? You need to be able to look after yourself too. 

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    Posted 13 January 2018 - 09:21 AM

    As a caregiver I have to say that most of the time it feels nice to know that your little needs you, and wants so much of your time and attention. We Caregivers need that attention from our littles as much as they do from us. Yes there are going to be times that a Caregiver is busy and cannot devote their full attention to their little, we all get busy with life and making it to the next day but that doesn't mean we don't want to give our time. Now there are cases when it can be too much. If the caregiver is busy at work or something and tells the little  but the little keeps up, that is not good. The thing to remember is like the others said. Us caregivers have lots of responsibilities and sometimes they eat into the time we would rather be spending with our littles but it's important things that need to get done. But I personally have never felt a little to be a burden.

    #7 Lil' Krisi

    Lil' Krisi

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    Posted 18 January 2018 - 05:43 AM

    Hi! I'm also pretty needy & dependent on my Daddy. What I do is ask Daddy if I am bothering him at such a time or if he feels like I have been too needy lately. Daddy usually tells me "no" that I am not being too needy & if I am dependent or needy in anyway that he wants me to be. So I've come to the conclusion that Daddies enjoy catering to our needs & that's why they are our daddies in the first place. However, I did notice that after I asked him this & after we had said discussion about a week later he did come out & said to me, "babygirl you have to understand that Daddy sometimes can't answer you when he is at work or while driving etc." from that I concluded that Daddy felt more comfortable bringing this up to me after my initial question about being so needy. I think sometimes our daddies try to act a bit tougher & stronger than they actually are to help us feel more safe, so if we don't break the ice about a topic to begin with they can go on & on acting that way thinking we don't think twice about it. That being said it could be something as simple as just asking your Daddy if there are certain times that are busier in his day & if so you & your daddy can come up with alternate activities for you to engage in during those times of the day. Everyone likes different things & has different hobbies so this can be a list of things you enjoy doing the idea of the list is to be able to refer to something in black & white for ideas instead of having to call Daddy for ideas. I personally have a favorite list of movies to watch off of Netflix. I hope this helps you but remember daddies like you to be at least somewhat needy to be happy or they would probably just date the average woman so don't stop all neediness it seems to be a staple in our DD/lg relationships.

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