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What do you do for your daddy on his birthday?


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When it's your daddy's birthday, Christmas or another day you two celebrate, what do you get for your daddy and how do you spend the day together? <3
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Guest Squeakybubbles

I got my Daddy slippers. It is hard hiding them from him for Sunday.  :wacko: 


This will be our first. Been together since February.  :wub: 

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My Daddy is really into music. So for his first birthday we spent together, I got him a custom made metal guitar pick with Jimmy Page's Led Zeppelin symbol on it, but it was a bit late arriving, so I also made him a sock monkey c: And I love making little notes, so I gave him little things, like a pack of gum with a little story on it to do with us and relating to the gum and I did that everyday leading up to his birthday for a week and hid them in his things, :3 

I also made him a "rainbow" I filled a big jar with rainbow lollies and made them colour coordinated so it looked like a rainbow 


For another birthday I made him a BUNCH of cookies and got a big container and filled them with it, and then decorated all the ones on the top so they said I love you and stuff, and he kept the "I love you" one 'til last because he didn't want to eat it. 


I got him a tee-shirt once, and he has worn it so much, it is stretched and almost see-through, but he loves it SO much and he still wears it all the time. 

I was running low on money for his last birthday and I felt really, really, really bad. So I thought I should make him something really special. So I bought a coffee mug (because Daddy LOVES drinking coffee and tea) and I decorated it with sharpies, I drew a big pink love heart and wrote "dumb" in the middle, because that's what I always call him, and then I put the mug in the oven (had to make sure it was oven safe) to make the sharpies set and be permanent, AND DADDY LOVED IT, he said Ii picked out the perfect mug and he uses it so much it has tea stains in the bottom and I have had to re-draw the heart and the dumb multiple times because he keeps accidentally rubbing it off. 


Daddies are really easy to buy presents for, as long as you get them/make them something that they are interested in, something cute or something practical, they are usually going to love it! <3

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Well, for papa bear's birthday, I cook him a nice, semi-fancy dinner and bake him some variety of a peanut butter cake which is his favorite. I present him with his gifts which are usually Ralph Lauren clothes, Godiva chocolates, sneakers, or some other odd and end that he wants and or needs. This past year I got him a nice sweater and a plaid RL wallet. I also always update our photo album, which is a collection of handwritten poems and journal entries that document each special year. It takes at least a week, working eight hours a day to complete. At the end of the photo album, is the latest poem and or note for the anniversary and or birthday in question. I also started an actual virtual photo album which is composed of power point slides that are meant to embody a particular month or series of months from our year and include photo opps. I try to make his birthday as special as can be, particularly since it falls shortly before Christmas. For Christmas, we exchange gifts two days before Christmas and then spend the actual holiday with his family. We're not too big on Christmas but our anniversaries are always special. It happens to fall ten days before my birthday, so papa bear and I go on a little trip to celebrate. Last year we spent two nights in the NYC Financial District, and I planned our day with lots of fun activities from going to the Botanical Gardens to Alice Tea Cup. Whatever we're doing, we're always eating good food.  ;) Papa bear gives his gifts (usually clothing, purse, perfume, collars, etc, of my choosing, this year it's a Dooney and Bourke purse) for my birthday on our anniversary and usually writes me a little note or letter in commemoration of another year. They're always my favorite part and much more special than a manufactured card. (Though sometimes he will write me the letter in a card.) On my actual birthday, we go out for a fancy dinner at our favorite restaurant though this year I'm leaning towards trying a jazz lounge. Last year we also went to a fair which was fun. In short, our anniversary/my birthday trip is one of my favorite things to do all year though every day spent with papa bear is the most special day of the year!

Oh, and for papa bear's day, I really wanted to buy him some Godiva truffles but isn't allowing me to because he doesn't want me to spend the money....  :( I'm going to still make him his favorite 'outrageous chocolate chip cookies' though and we're going for a picnic. 

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Guest QueenJellybean

Whenever I'm trying to think of something to get for Daddy (who basically has everything already), I always remember that He's still a person. A human being. Not just my Daddy.


So I try to think of things to do or give Him that He doesn't have enough of. 


I gift Him experiences.
Book a hotel for the weekend, just the two of you. Doesn't need to be far away, fancy, or expensive. Just a chance to escape reality for a bit and spend some time alone.
Take him somewhere that he's never been before. Maybe somewhere special to you. Let him explore your childhood by taking him to your favorite haunts a kid, or a place that makes you feel happy.
Go on a dinner cruise.
Rent a canoe for a day and go out on the water together.
Go camping, and have sex under the stars, listening to the wind.
Write him letters, one for every day for the next week, and don't let him open them in advance.
Go see a concert.
Relive your first date night, complete with the same activities you did back then.
Make something magical happen that he won't forget like a tie in the back of his closet. Memories last longer than material possessions sometimes. Good luck!
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Fancy boots from Allen Edmonds that I can polish, vintage mother of pearl cuff links, bespoke double rider jacket! They don't seem kinky to others, but they're definitely DDlg presents to me! I get to see Daddy all dressed up or I get to do his leather, which makes us both melt a little. XOXO


We don't spend a whole day in DDlg because it can be tiring for both of us, but we do spend an afternoon indulging. I'll get everything out and arrange a few "scene guidelines". Like, I'll put out things for a schoolgirl spanking scene, but not tell him specifically what to do. Or he'll say that he wants items for bondage and I'll get those things out. Maybe I'll do something naughty on purpose so that he can punish me.

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These are pretty cute things and super useful because it's our one year dating anniversary soon and Daddy's birthday in a month! I'm getting him a video game that he wants (even though it won't be out in time for his birthday) because he's a real hardcore gamer and I'll probably get him some turkish delight chocolate and go out to Sushi Train because that's our fave place to go :3

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