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What is forced regression?


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So I came across something called "forced regression" and it sounds really interesting but I have no idea what is this. Internet seems not to help to understand it.

Any of you could explain? And maybe give some scenario to visualize it?

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Guest Bunnyblossom

It's usually consensual despite being 'forced'.


Basically it's like...

The dom/CG making you do baby/little stuff and you being like "dude, no".

But secretly you like it and wanna be a big baby.

Like you're tryna wear your big girl panties.

But they're like "get in your onesie, fool".

Or they make you drink out of a bb bottle, put a diaper on, wear a bib, get dressed all Little, tease you about being a big baby and whathaveyou.


(I'm interpretting it as the kink/fetish version, not the bad kind)

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Guest PapaPanda

As I understand it, it can be seen as possible a form of PTSD or a coping method for dealing with trauma.
Basically, someone who suffers from "Forced Regression" can not stop them selves from being triggered and returning to a child like state (Little Space)
Now, of course, this can be triggered by good things to, not just the bad. 
When a someone see's a stuffie and can't help to squeal in joy.
My sister suffers from "Forced Regression" due to brain trauma. She regresses to around the 7-9 Year old range and can stay like that for... hours if not days. She stops being able to understand more complex thought processes, humour changes and her actual mind-set is completely different to normal activity. Oh and she is 28 years old and currently stuck in bed for 6weeks due to slipping 3 disks due to cluster seizes. Now imagine trying to keep a 7-9 year old in bed for 6 weeks to stop her hurting or doing more damage.  
THOUGH... If you google it, you get:
"A forced regression is induced by the seaward movement of the shoreline in response to relative sea-level lowering. Catuneanu (2002) defines this type of regression as occurring "during stages of base level fall, when the shoreline is forced to regress by the falling base level irrespective of the sediment supply. This triggers erosional processes in both the nonmarine and shallow marine settings adjacent to the coastline."
HA, so what do you think about that medical people!

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Guest litdaddy




some subs arent into age regression/lg paraphenalia

some of these subs are into humiliation/degradation

some of those are also into consensual nonconsent/"force"


a fun scene to play for someone like that is to make them wear diapers, use a paci, hold a stuffie

it's not like littlespace at all it's like punishment/funishment

it can be that simple and end there or you can add in verbal humiliation about their acting like a baby so you'll treat them like one and also maybe add in other BDSM types of play or have like a roleplay where youre forcing via hypnosis or magic or whatever that they think theyre a baby


you can also do this with petplay, it can be really creepy like youre turning them into an animal


it's weird and fun!!!

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"Forced" Regression is like any other "forced" dynamic. It is not truly forced as there is always an underlying consent factor and that there will always be safe words (or should be).  Essentially it is when one partner is "forcing" another partner to do as they wish, regardless if the one being "forced" is actually wanting to.


Forced regression would then be when a partner forces the other to regress to a desired age for different reasons:


- Forced to go into little space as a relaxing method

- Forced to regress to promote the dynamic more

- Forced to use little things as a means of exploration

- Forced to regress / regress further as a form of humiliation

- Forced to revert to a level of absolutely no control as punishment


For example, Daddy triggers a forced regression when I am feeling Alpha and Big from having to adult. I am not feeling little or particularly submissive for whatever reason, yet Daddy will force a regression. He does so in the way he speaks to me, the way expects me to interact, the way he guides my actions a certain way. This works for us and is a way to help me relax and calm down and be happy. 


Yet I know a couple where the little is HEAVILY into humiliation and they use forced regression as a way to have that kind of session. Her Daddy forces her to wet herself, forces her to crawl and not use any words, just noises, to communicate. For them its a way to trigger a kink they both share as well as remaining rooted in the DDlg dynamic. 


Forced regression can be as in depth or as limited as desired. It could just be something as simple as no talking (because that age cannot) to something as some would see as "extreme" as wearing and using a diaper. Because the DDlg (CG/l) dynamic is extremely fluid and there are SO MANY variables involving it, you cannot accurately define what this type of element is. It means something different to everyone and no one should really try to paint it in broad strokes. 


If you find yourself interested in it, figure out what appeals to you most and make sure you communicate that clearly with your partner. All in all its just another element to a complex dynamic and it should be fun to explore! :)

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i love reading the stories online of when you are out in public and your daddy says something to you or asks you a question that purposely puts you in little space. that sounds so fun to me :D
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