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I didn't want to swim and yet I'm wet already.

I guess I'm living in the liquid. I'm conditioned heavy.

Repetition: thinking that I'll only take a dip in. Within a minute

I'll be sipping seawater freely 'til I'm sinking in it.

It's a pattern; it's a battle. I'm mostly afloat.

I travel flat like a boat, soaked. I'm over-addled.

I never learnt any strokes; I only know to paddle.

Turn a stack of cash to a puddle: splutter, splash and a waggle.

Waking naked, straight to skinny-dipping.

I'd hate to have to leave until I guarantee I'm dripping.

I tried to stay away: I'm tired of the waves.

The water makes me nauseous, no desire for the taste

But I'm drawn, incautious, to the various sources

Where an Aquarius can fare without a care in his cortex.

I swore I wouldn't; if I listened, I'd be proud.

I'm a fish and I can flounder. I'll be swimming 'til I drown.

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This piece is about alcoholism, wherein swimming is used as a metaphor for drinking. If you or anyone you know are struggling, I wish all of the positivity. Be strong. Stay dry.
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